Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday results

Photo: David Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy lost to Newcastle Jets, but he jets off to Zurich tomorrow to support the England World Cup bid and he probably wishes it was on a Concorde as the flight would be quicker [PlessPix]

Friendly (EnergyAustralia Stadium)

Newcastle Jets 2 (Petrovski 39, Haliti 52) beat Los Angeles Galaxy 1 (Donovan 7)

Att: 23,317

Ref: M Breeze


Melbourne Heart 0-0 Sydney FC

Ref: Milliner


Reader said...

Dear, oh, dear! Where do they get these writers from? The Sydney Morning Herald report about the LA Galaxy versus Newcastle Jets game contains the terms 'the half-time siren' and 'the umpire'. Why not get a football (soccer) writer to cover the match instead of someone who is obviously ignorant about the game?

Anonymous said...

herald is(gayfl) not football.dont even worry about it

Anonymous said...

I thought all the concordes had been retired. Hardly a quick trip if that's the case Walter. :-)

Anonymous said...

What's with all the planes Walter? Joke is getting a bit old isn't it?

Walter said...

Anonymous 10.18pm, aircraft photography is one of my hobbies, so I'm getting them out there.