Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changed Summer Cup format for 2011

The 2011 senior and reserves Summer Cup competitions have been partly revamped in terms of the composition of groups and the length of matches.

The Premier Men’s Summer Cup will be open to teams from the Southern Men’s Premier League and the Southern Men’s Division One.

The draw will be seeded, with no more than two Southern Premier League sides to be in any one group.

The National Training Centre teams (aka TIS) will be included in the Premier Men’s and Women’s Summer Cup competition.

Clubs who want to participate in the Premier Men’s Summer Cup competition must also enter a team in the Premier Men’s Reserve Summer Cup. Clubs cannot enter the reserves section of the competition if they do not enter the Premier Men’s competition.

The games will be 45-minute halves rather than the former 30-minute halves.

Group matches that are draws at the end of normal time will be decided by penalty shoot-outs, but the semi-finals and finals will go into 15-minutes each way extra time, followed by a penalty shoot-out if required.

The dates for the 2011 Premier Men’s and Women’s Summer Cup are:

Round 1: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 February

Round 2: Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February

Round 3: Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 February

Semi-finals: Wednesday 2 March for Men’s competition and Thursday 3 March for Women’s competition

Finals: Saturday 5 March

The format for the Social Men’s and Social Women’s Summer Cup competitions remains unchanged from last year.


Anonymous said...

according to sources from the knights walter the requirements for the tis boys have been relaxed significantly. interesting.

Anonymous said...

this is just going to be dominated by the Premier League teams isnt it

Anonymous said...

So what If it is... to both those comments

Anonymous said...

Y must we start so bloody early in the year... Like in honest what is FFT's need to start our competition in Feb why dont they hold off till at least March

Anonymous said...

Whats the problem? Most clubs are training already. You must be a cricketer or a fringe player?

Anonymous said...

Love it! FFT have got it right! 45 min halves is a good inclusion.
Xoxo gossi girl

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.55 pm. What requirements are you referring to ? What ,food ?
What a comment !

Brian Roberts said...

At last FFT has indicated that they are prepared to listen to the local sage .

No more groups being confined to their own little box.

Shades of the Carling Cup.

Brian Young said...

Well said Brian R. Adds a little more spice to the competition. At least the, so-called, big guns will have to fight some new terriers at their ankles!

Roll on February!

Anonymous said...

Thank god some common sense at last from within FFT

Anonymous said...

what team will the TIS put in the reserves competitions?

djalbacore said...

Re..Interchange during Summer Cup is a good thing ...question why cant interchange be used in Reserve level during the Roster season.....saves young players being dragged and some players only getting 45 minutes or less depending on game situation...this was flagged at a FFT and Club meeting and was a no go....surely only positives and no negatives i can think of.

Anonymous said...

themselves, they should only be aloud to play reserves !

Anonymous said...

is aloud louder than bloud?

Anonymous said...

I should be aloud to shout allowed !!! LoL LoL LOL

( I crack myself up )