Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Burnie still on lookout for coach

Photos (Top to Bottom): Sam Cocks (on the ball) will not be coaching Burnie United next season; Lino Sciulli is the man in charge at Launceston City; John Wheeler is the new supremo at Somerset; Tom McGinn, one of Tasmania's best-ever Scottish imports, is again at the helm of northern giants Devonport City [PlessPix]

Burnie United have yet to appoint a coach for the 2011 season.

Sam Cocks coached the side last season but has stood down. He has yet to decide where he will play next season.

Burnie had two applicants for the job, but one withdrew for personal reasons, while the other, an Argentinian, was expecting too much. He was hoping for a large salary and paid accommodation, amongst other things.

Meanwhile, John Wheeler has been appointed as coach of Somerset in the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League.

Tom McGinn will again coach Devonport, while Lino Sciulli is in charge of Launceston City and Adam Whitemore of champions Northern Rangers.


South Hobart have confirmed they will host South Melbourne in a tournament in Hobart in mid-January next year.

South Hobart travelled to Melbourne before last season and played South Melbourne there, so the Victorians will come here prior to the 2011 season.

They will arrive in Hobart on Thursday 13 January and games have been scheduled for Saturday 15 January and Sunday 16 January.

South Melbourne’s coach is the former Socceroo, Eddie Krncevic.

South Hobart have a new German fitness coach, so the squad should be fitter than ever.

Marcus Parschau is a sports science educator and will employ the latest techniques in fitness coaching.

South Hobart commence their pre-season training at Cornelian Bay on Thursday, 25 November, at 6.15pm.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see big man John Wheeler putting on his coaching hat again. I wish you well John, but he'll be a massive loss to the state programme after years of dedication.

Anonymous said...

Is there any updates with Kingborough Lions and Div 1 teams Walter?

Anonymous said...

why would anyone care about kingborough? or div 1 teams? kingborough will be div 1 in 2012 anyway

Anonymous said...

To Sam Cocks and anyone else who is interested the Ulverstone preseason training schedule is on the Ulverstone SC website.

Nick Owen

Anonymous said...

brayden mann to south hobart

liam scott to zebras

nathan robinson to eagles as assistant

fabian lapolla to clarence

kosta grillas to zebras

brady cronk to kingo

Anonymous said...

corey smith moving up north for futsal, will play for ulverstone

Anonymous said...

anon 7.51, what a pointless commment, why would you say that? all teams have times where dont go as well as they'd like. surely you have better things to do

Paul said...

Pleased to see that South Melbourne can return the favour in 2011. Hopefully I can make it down there.

Anonymous said...

launceston city will be back up the top where they belong juventus the old lady

Anonymous said...


How would we get in touch with somerset and burnie soccer clubs?

Walter said...

Anonymous 1.51pm, call FFT and they should be able to give you contact details.