Thursday, November 11, 2010

McGinn is Devonport coach for 4th year in a row

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tom McGinn, who will coach Devonport City for the fourth year in a row in 2011; Last year's Devonport squad, with Tom's son included [PlessPix]

Tom McGinn was one of the finest imports to have graced the Tasmanian football scene.

He was a top striker for Devonport City when they reached three State League grand finals in a row in the early 1990s.

He and fellow Scott Charlie McCaffrey, a midfielder, were stars for the Devonport side coached by State coach Alex McDonald.

That was the era of other Devonport stars such as Anthony Guilbert, John ‘Snow’ Compagne, Andrew Howe and others.

McGinn won the Vic Tuting Silver Medal in 1994.

I interviewed McGinn this week as he prepares for his fourth season as coach of the illustrious North-West Coast club.

Walter Pless: How old are you, Tom?

Tom McGinn: Forty-two years old.

WP: How long have you been coach of Devonport?

TM: I’m going into my 4th season.

WP: What challenges does the coming season hold for you and the club?

TM: Making sure we are ready for game one.

WP: Can Devonport win the northern title this coming season?

TM: With some luck, absolutely.

WP: Who will the major contenders be?

TM: All teams seem to be strengthening their squads, so any one from 5 or 6 could be up there.

WP: Your son is on the fringe of the senior side. Are there any other up-and-coming youngsters ready to break through?

TM: Devonport have got many youngsters coming through. Our reserves have won the title two years in a row and that shows the depth of the club. We also have our academy squad, so we certainly have some great youth coming through.

WP: Will you retain most of last season's players?

TM: We will lose a couple due to education, but we should hold most.

WP: You've played professionally in Scotland. In your time in Tasmania, which is about 20 years, have you seen any progress in the game?

TM: The game is certainly in a rebuilding stage in Tasmania, with it certainly gaining strength every year.

WP: Is your former team-mate Charlie McCaffrey involved in the game?

TM: Not at this point.

WP: The two of you were a formidable combination. Is there a place for imports in Tasmanian football?

TM: Only for genuine imports who come for the right reasons. We want to make sure our locals are getting chances at the top level.

WP: Who will win the state-wide cup?

TM: It’s too early to call, but I am sure south Hobart will be strong again.

WP: Who will win the southern title?

TM: Again, I’m not sure as I’m not being involved day to day with southern football.

WP: When does pre-season start for Devonport?

TM: First week in January.

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