Tuesday, November 16, 2010

South Hobart to film all their matches in 2011

Photos (Top to Bottom): Stefano Lufi, known as Mr Video; Pedro Ramirez will coach Metro's reserves next season [PlessPix]

Stefano Lufi will be filming all of South Hobart’s matches next season.

The club has hired Mr Video and all their games will be available on the South Hobart website.

It will be interesting to see if other clubs go down this path.

Some may wait until they play South Hobart and then they can view that game.

Until now, Stefano has been contracted by Football Federation Tasmania to film some State League games in both the south and the north during the season and the highlights have been available on YouTube.

He also used to film the Tasmanian Premier League Show, which was shown on Aurora Channel.


Metro have appointed Pedro Ramirez as their Reserves coach for the 2010 season.

Ramirez coached DOSA last season.

Prior to that, he was involved with Hobart United.


If you're looking for a game to watch, go up to Olinda Grove tomorrow at 5.30pm to see Beachside skirmish with the National Training Centre squad, sometimes known as the Tasmanian Institute of Sport men's football team.

TIS is, after all, the name they played under in the Premier League reserve competition last season.


Anonymous said...

so jayden wiggins has been sacked already as reserves coach at metro? also i take it your not a fan of tis walter?

Walter said...

Anonymous 9.37pm, Jayden Wiggins is the assistant coach at Metro and Pedro Ramirez is the reserves coach.

I am a fan of the TIS. I used to watch them most Wednesdays and wrote glowingly about them, but the regard is apparently not mutual.

Anonusaurous said...

Walter, from the horses mouth, the coach has instructed all players, including parents to not comment on your articles. The feedback from idiots is not condusive to their development.
He also stated that some parents have 'defended' their kids in the past on this site and has adamantly asked them not to.
Perhaps an IQ test before a comment!!!

TIS fan said...

Anonusaurous, but why won't the coach comment after a match, as all other coaches do? Walter writes match reports about the TIS games, but the TIS coach refuses to make a comment about the game.

Anonymous said...

Metro has just taken two steps back

Anonymous said...

Jayden Wiggins to have coached three clubs by end of 2010. You know it makes sense.

matthew rhodes said...

Metro some four months ago decide to tape all there matches next season its a great idea and makes a great coaching tool so well done to south as well these things can only improve the game.

Also its great to have jayden wiggins and pedro ramirez on the coaching panel this year at metro there passion for the job is fantastic and all goes well for the coming year.

I feel no matter what you do at metro there be some negatived feeling out there by bloggers but thats what forums are all about ! i wish all clubs a good preseason and a good year next year .And once again walter thanks for the fantasic soccer website you have covering our game.

Anonymous said...

I for one who has nothing to do with the TIS, enjoy reading the progress of the youth players. I think its a great initiative that the TIS play against men and learn the capers at a young age.
I think you will find that there are more sensible people who want to read about the TIS than there would be idiots who write negative comments.
At the same time, these kids who plan on having a go at making the big time probably should get used to negative comments being made about them. I'm sure most of the kids/parents are mature enough to realise the difference between something that has meaning than stupidity.
The coaches should open up and let us know what is going on. We all want to hear the news. At the end of the day its the people who make negative comments that have the problem, not the youngsters who are out there having a go!!

Best of luck to the TIS in 2011

Justin Farrugia

Anonymous said...

The TIS Men's coach is a paid public servant.

I am suprised that factual comments re this person are supressed whilst most derogatory comments about players are allowed.

I'm Back said...


I wouldn't worry about it too much. I reckon that anonymous at 9.37,10.38 and 10.55 is probably the same gutless wonder or wonders that I asked over a week ago to substantiate their inane comments about the massive problems at Metro. Surprise, surprise, no response. Anonymous at 9.37 is that dumb he can't even read or understand a perfectly simple piece that Walter put on his site and differentiate between Assistant Coaches and Reserve Coaches at Metro. Let me guess,would these people have moved from Metro over the last couple of years ? Will they be missed ?

Don't think so !

22 people at the second training run on Wednesday night. Someone obvioulsy is happy with the club and the coaches.

Anonymous said...

How many of them are good players?

I'm Back said...

Anonymouus at 1.43. What a stupid bloody question.

Have you asked that question on every other blog that's been on here referring to numbers at pre-season training with other clubs.

Grow up !