Thursday, November 11, 2010

Farell Shaw is assistant coach at Beachside

Photos (Top to Bottom): Farrell Shaw is the new assistant coach at Beachside; Ricky Self (right) has committed to pre-season training with Beachside [PlessPix]

Farrell Shaw has been appointed the assistant coach at newly promoted Beachside.

Shaw has coached at the top level with Olympia and will know what is expected in the top flight.

I interviewed Shaw prior to the commencement of pres-season training at the club this coming weekend.

Walter Pless: Do you miss coaching Olympia?

Farrell Shaw: I loved coaching Olympia, and I made many good friends there. They are a great club to be involved with and I wish Chris Hey all the best and I know that this year, with their new ground as motivation, they will be very hard to beat.

WP: How long were you with them?

FS: I was with Olympia for 5 years, coaching the Premier Reserves up to the Premier Seniors for four years.

WP: What is your playing background?

FS: My playing background is quite varied, playing for a few different teams in southern Tasmania such as Howrah, Rapid, Calies, Nelson United, Kingborough, Clarence and Olympia.

WP: What is your coaching background?

FS: My coaching background is just as varied as my playing background. I have coached Howrah, Kingborough, Nelson United, Clarence and Olympia, and all these teams at either senior or reserve levels, and even both at one stage, as at Olympia.

WP: What will your role be at Beachside?

FS: My role at Beachside is to help Brett Pullen with the firsts and the reserve teams, both on game days and at training. This is an exciting time for the club, but also a stressful time as now they have stepped up in to the Premier League it’s all about staying up for the first year.

WP: Are you looking forward to life back in the Premier League?

FS: Yes, it’s great to be back, even though my partner wouldn’t agree with me as she has turned into a football widow again. I can't wait to see how we will go.

WP: Will Beachside survive in the top flight, and if so, why?

FS: We have a lot of good experienced players in the club like Brett Pullen and Colin Shepherd, just to name a couple. It will be hard, but if we stay motivated and organized, then it is possible. But, we will be relying on a few younger legs as well.

WP: Do you favour automatic promotion and relegation, or a play-off system?

FS: Automatic promotion and relegation is best as all teams are under pressure all the time and, if you are the best or worst team all season, then you should have the rewards or not, as is the case.

WP: Have you started pre-season training?

FS: We start pre-season on 14th November at Sandown Park and we hope to have a good turn-out of past and new players there.

WP: Are there any new signings on the horizon?

FS: New players? Mmmm. Like most teams out there, we are asking a lot of players to come and see and try out. The main player at the moment that has committed to pre-season with us is Ricky Self, but we will see how this goes.


Anonymous said...

ricky self is not going to beachside!

Anonymous said...

good luck ray wilkins............ i mean farrel

Anonymous said...

Ricky will only go to Beachside if he gets a BBQ Chicken each game.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if you want a chicken you will have to go in the draw by purchasing a ticket from Chicken Man!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ricky self is not going to beachside!

November 12, 2010 10:39 AM

Good luck to Ricky! good to see a player actually challenging himself!

Anonymous said...

Confirmed from the man himself Ricky will not do pre season with Beach, he did commit to at least a month but Zebras could not have this and pressure was applied from all angles and he has made his mind up.. Good luck to Ricky .. back to the drawing board for Beach !!!