Thursday, November 18, 2010

TIS women's team practise for NTC Challenge

Photos (Top to Bottom): Jackson Nugent (left) battles with a TIS opponent; Charlie Wilkes can't catch the speedy TIS Number 3; Charlie Wilkes does manage to get in a tackle; Jackson Nugent manages to outplay the TIS attacker; Jessie Williams of the TIS in possession; Jessie Williams gets a pass away to a TIS team-mate; A midfield tussle [PlessPix]

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport women’s football team had a hit-out yesterday at Olinda Grove against a team from the Morton Soccer School.

The Morton Soccer School, composed of many of the players who recently visited Manchester United, ran out 10-0 winners, but both sides benefited from the experience.

The TIS squad contained many newcomers and it will take some time for them to get up to speed and reach the level of last season’s squad.

The TIS are practising for the forthcoming National Training Centre Challenge and coach Michael Edwards will have his team in shape by then.

Morton Soccer School coach, Ken Morton, said he was only too pleased to be able help the TIS out with practice matches.

Morton said he was pleased with his own side and at how they kept their shape and played as a team.

He placed no importance on the score-line and said development was the aim for both squads.

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Anonymous said...

This team could not even compete against 14 year old boys at club level!!!!

Ditch the TIS programs and inject $200K PA into some infrastructure for the sport instead.