Sunday, December 5, 2010

European results

English Premier League

Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

Birmingham City 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Blackburn Rovers 3-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Chelsea 1-1 Everton

Manchester City 1-0 Bolton Wanderers

Wigan Athletic 2-2 Stoke City

German Bundesliga

Borussia Moenchengladbach 1-2 Hannover 96

Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 Mainz

SC Freiburg 1-0 Hamburger SV

Schalke 04 2-0 Bayern Munchen

VfB Stuttgart 1-1 TSG Hoffenheim

Wolfsburg 0-0 Werder Bremen

St Pauli 1-0 Kaiserslautern

Spanish Primera Liga

Levante 2-0 Atletico Madrid

Osasuna 0-3 Barcelona

Italian Serie A

AC Milan 3-0 Brescia

Chievo 2-2 Roma

Lazio 3-1 Inter Milan


Anonymous said...


Good to see these results listed in this format, Walter. It is easy to compare results from the big leagues.

Anonymous said...

i find ESPN my first call for results!

Mazzola said...

I see that Rafa Benitez has started to demolish the current Kings of Europe, Inter MIlan, after also bringing Liverpool to their knees before he moved on.

Tommy said...

I don't want to defend Benitez but I think Inter were about to decline anyway, Mourinho knew it was time to jump ship.

How good were Nasri's goals? Brilliant.

Herrera said...

That may be so, Tommy, but anyone knows you never take over a championship side as there's only one way for them to go. Anything less than the championship, and you're a loser. When a side has won three titles in a season, anything less than three titles the next is a failure.

John Di Falco said...

I'd settle for another Serie A title but that's starting to look a remote prospect already.

Benitez OUT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey walter,

Who are your favourite teams? Epl, La Liga, Seria A, A-league, Southern prem?

Anonymous said...

he always wears his inter milan hat so i am tipping inter for serie a

Walter said...

Anonymous 9.48am, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Inter Milan in those three leagues, but that's not to say I am not critical of them and that I don't admire other clubs.

I'm a neutral when it comes to the A-League and Southern Premier League and just want to see good football and exciting games.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts on rafa being a liverpool and inter fan? is his time to leave? will roy last the season?

Walter said...

Anonymous 11.30am, I was appalled when I heard that Rafa was going to Inter. He'd destroyed one of my favourite clubs and was about to do the same to another. He's well on the way to doing that at Inter.

The owner, Moratti, and the Inter board have just expressed confidence in Rafa. That usually means a sacking within a week or two.

I think Roy Hodgson will survive at Liverpool. He inherited the mess left by Rafa and is doing the best possible job. I have a lot of time for Hodgson and he is unusual as far as English managers and coaches go. He has coached successfully in Europe (Scandinavia, Italy - at Inter, in fact) at both club and international levels (Switzerland), and most unusually for English managers, he is fluent in five languages.

Anonymous said...

Yeah looks as though the power has shifted back to the other side of milan. I think Liverpool may sturggle to hold torres, he is ambitious and cant see him settling for mid table. Tips for the title ? would love a article with jose mourinho if u could hit him up walter ;)