Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Former Young Socceroos captain Kurt Reynolds succeeds Steve Payne as State Technical Director and Game Development Manager

Photo: Kurt Reynolds, the former Young Socceroos captain, conducts a junior trial in Hobart [PlessPix]

Tasmanian Kurt Reynolds is Football Federation Tasmania’s new technical director and game development manager.

Reynolds replaces Steve Payne, who resigned at the end of August after less than a year in the job.

Reynolds, a former Australian youth international captain, has been the Northern Development Officer for the past 12 months.

“Football Federation Tasmania is delighted to be able to appoint Kurt to the position of Technical Director/Game Development Manager,” said FFT CEO John Boulous.

“This position will continue the implementation and increase the awareness of the National Curriculum.

“The position will focus equally on both the advanced and community male and female player development and coach education pathway.”

Reynolds played in the old National Soccer League with Blacktown City, APIA Leichhardt and West Adelaide.

He played in Tasmania with Launceston City before joining the Australian Institute of Sport and captaining the Young Socceroos at the World Youth Cup Finals in 1987.

“This appointment represents a significant personal and professional achievement for me and is an opportunity that I feel very proud to be able to undertake in my home state,” said Reynolds.

“I look forward to commencing 2011 with a strong program of technical and game development projects and adding value at all levels within the game.”

Reynolds will officially commence in the role on Monday, 10 January 2011, and will initially remain based in Launceston.

Football Federation Tasmania will seek applications for the Northern Development Officer position in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

Great appointment FFT, well done! Look forward to working with you

Anonymous said...

Gee what a big surprise

Anonymous said...

I think Kurt will be fantastic for the game in the state. Have worked with himn before and very impressed. All the Best Kurt.


A good appointment well done to FFT and all the best Kurt.

Captain Australia said...

Yep well Done FFT and Kurt, good luck, looking forward to 2011 with some great work coming out of FFT so far.

melikesfootball said...

What's this? supportive comments aimed at FFT. My goodness, football "supporters" in Tassie must have begun their christmas drinks early!

Seriously, we need to support FFT more, even when they don't get it exactly right, we should be constructive in our criticm rather than bash them for the sake of it.

Happy and safe festive season to all.

Anonymous said...

At least they have promoted from within which is step 1 in the right direction, step 2 is to support him and actually be successful

Anonymous said...

Now that we have congratulated Kurt and FFT, can someone please outline what is actually expected of this position?

The only thing clear is that we have had several excellent people in this role and they have all left pretty quickly, what have they been expected to do?

Anonymous said...

Constructive criticism?? Nah, that's just UNTasmanian!!