Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Socceroo squad for Asian Cup announced

Socceroos coach Holger Osieck has named his 23-man squad for next month’s Asian Cup tournament in Qatar.

The squad is:

Nathan Burns, Tim Cahill, David Carney, Nathan Coe, Jason Culina, Brett Emerton, Richard Garcia, Brett Holman, Mile Jedinak, Brad Jones, Harry Kewell, Neil Kilkenny, Robbie Kruse, Scott McDonald, Jon McKain, Matt McKay, Lucas Neill, Jade North, Sasa Ognenovski, Mark Schwarzer, Matthew Spiranovic, Carl Valeri, Luke Wilkshire


Anonymous said...

McDonald, Cahill, Kewell

Anonymous said...

i think it is beneficial for the development for the a-league if players are chosen in the asian cup that play in the a-league.

it will show that the isnt just a 2nd rate league and i think that any player in the a-league is more than capable to play antwhere in asain.


Anonymous said...

JACKO says...

As the A-League enters the finals stages from a Goalkeeper perspective, you should be taking the inform Goalkeeper of the league. For me - Michael Theoklitos tops that list as he has shown week in week out what he can do to a team - especially the Brisbane Roar.

Anonymous said...

We have better foreign talent in the a-league atm. This helps our oz a-league players, but not to the level of service that players such as Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill will need. Take players like Matt McKay out of his current surroundings and he is a fish out of water, no point in giving caps to players the age of Matt McKay just to keep the bench warm. He is no doubt a good player but definately glorified by the talent around him. We need to be bringing in the ex A-league players who are making something of themselves overseas esp. Tommy Oar. If we are to choose from the a-league then we should be looking to the youngsters who are and have made their mark, like Ben Kantarovski, pity there's no Mustafa Amini, Kerem Bullit (legal issues)? Let's give Gulum (see the hype) a go so David Carney can play higher up the park where he is most dangerous. We have alot of good options, The cut will not be everyones cup of tea, however its hard to please everyone.

Anonymous said...

We need to blood some youth so give them good minutes I say. A good mix of youth and experience would be beneficial and I would love to see Spiranovich and Joel Griffiths in starting 11


Anonymous said...

Osieck needs to pick more youngsters as we prepare for the 2014 World Cup. There is no point bringing players like McKain, Thwaite etc when you can give youngsters such as Tommy Oar, Spiranovic, Gulum etc an opportunity to be in camp and learn from senior players before they retire.

Ancient Mariner

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Kruse of all players is in that squad. Absolutely ridiculous! I would have preferred David Williams any day.

Anonymous said...

There were a few surprises with players omitted. Many fans, with limited insight in football, posting on blogs and forums around Australia, are keen to pontificate on selections. There are negative comments condemning players like North, Garcia and McKain. These players have qualities unrecognised by some with limited observational capacities.

Nevertheless, a few players are unlucky to miss out.
These players missed the final cut.

David Williams - he has fabulous vision. A forward with the ability to bring players into the game around him. A very intelligent player with pace. The right age to progress quickly.

Joel Griffiths - has a proven goal scoring record in the Asian Champions' League, the A League and the Chinese Super League. As well as the archetypal opportunist, he has developed his game to bring his teammates on the forward line into matches.

Luke Devere - continues to improve quickly. He has played in a very successful team playing the best football in Australian club history. He is a young player with the potential to improve quickly.

Ersan Gulum - I haven't seen him play but he must be decent if he is playing in the Europa League and Turkish League with Besiktas. He is left footed too. He is also the right age to improve quickly as a national play team player in a problem position.
Carney is still struggling defensively for the Socceroos. He is more suited to an attacking role.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

I reckon that with Kennedy and Brosque out, I would be calling Mile Sterjovski out of international retirement to help with our stocks in the forward line.

He has always given his all for Australia, played in the World Cup and I think has never been appreciated enough for his work.

Mile's performance for Perth Glory the other night proves how influential he can be...


Anonymous said...

Here is my view :

Holman b
Garcia federici

That is just me though.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lucas Neill??? Common, at best he should be on the bench.

I think its time to pass on the armband to Cahill who deserves it. We should seriously look at our defense.

Neill is past his prime and can be easily run over by a young sprinter. I know it's a hard decision to let go off someone who has given so much for the country. Unfortunately it is life and we should be looking at new defensive combination.


Anonymous said...

This is a comment in response to Casual Observer's post about Gulum.

People may not know is that Gulum played at a schoolboy level for Australia. He toured the UK and Ireland and even captained the team. I know because I was involved in national football at underage level.

Gulum was an exceptional performer. From this tour he gained his chance to trial in Turkey.
Without Australia he would be an ordinary footballer kicking about in the Melbourne state league.

It makes me sick. This is a kick in the teeth this country does not deserve. Soccer is not the national sport in Australia. We struggle to produce players of international calibre, yet we have countries like Croatia, Greece, England and Turkey, with big populations and football as the national sport, trying to poach some of the few players we have.

Craig Johnston
Tony Dorigo
Joe Simunic
Ante Seric
Joey Didulica

These guys have played for other countries. Essentially they are Australian. Who have I missed?

St Kilda

Anonymous said...

Its about time Kilkenny got a look in...He is an important player for a Leeds team sitting near the top of the championship

Anonymous said...

mcdonald, garcia and the ogre in the team... all pathetic!

Anonymous said...

mcdonald, garcia and kilkenny all played off the bench in championship teams. mcdonald has been average at middlesborough showing what an average league is spl. carney gets 10 mins for blackpool every week.

only class players on top of their game in 23 are cahill, emerton, swartz while kewell and neill are fading fast.

why not pick archie thomson over macdonald???

Anonymous said...

Happy except for the presence of McKain, Garcia and North. AND WHERE IS GULUM?

Kilkenny, Burns, Kruse and Spiranovic


Anonymous said...

BRIAN said...
Hmm, would have liked to see one or two more young players included (you can take Kruse's spot). Especially would have liked to see Mitch Langerak head along for the experience.

But aside from that, pretty much what you would expect.

Hope the boys can put it together on the pitch right and come away with as the winners.

Anonymous said...

One problem for us fans is that if players play in the EPL we can watch most of them.

If they play in the English Championship, La Liga or Serie A, we may get limited viewing of players.

If prospective Euroroos play in Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, etc, it is difficult to appraise players. Some of us favour A League players because we are more familiar with them. We watch them on TV week in and week out.

Alf Ramsey

Anonymous said...

I was actually expecting to see Spiranovic, Burns and Kilkenny no where near the team, but good to see I have been proven wrong.
I'm still disappointed with the omissions of Gulum and Oar.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Gulum may have said no to a call up in the end. We just do not know. Its sad to see him not even be taken, but at the end of the day, only he and Holger/FFA know the score on that one.

Oar is just starting to get into his stride in Europe, so taking him away from that may be more harm than good.

I suspect any major changes to the squad will be after the Asian Cup, as we may see some juniors coming through, and some retirements. If the objective is going to try and win it, as it seems to be the plan, I could not see wholesale additions/changes taking place.

Anonymous said...

Gulums father has said he will only play for Turkey

Anonymous said...

This comment is addressed to Jughead.

Richard Garcia is a good defensive player. One asks why it is an important quality for a forward?

Contemporary European football practice dictates that teams squeeze or full press effectively in the attacking half of the pitch. If the ball is won back from the opposition close to their goal, it is particularly advantageous for the team.

Garcia is effective at this. Some of his work is admired by coaches, but not by fans. Fans feel frustrated when they watch him because he is not as skilful on the ball as what they understand to be the quintessential quality for an attacking player.

This scenario was replicated in Brett Holman. Fans condemned him as a player. Coaches loved him. Now that he has scored a few more goals and has become more clinical in a Socceroo shirt, fans think he has improved. Holman always had those defensive qualities, causing turnovers and intercepts for grateful teammates.


Anonymous said...

DON says....

Hertha fans on their forums were saying that Rukavytsya, his manager and Osieck agreed not to go to the Asian Cup.

Obviously he is one of their best players. Their club had to do a lot of convincing to Osieck apparently, but ultimately it's up to the player and he probably didn't want to come as much as other players did. Which is a shame, but a little understandable.

Anonymous said...

Essentially, I am a Victory supporter. Yet I am also surprised David Williams wasn't selected. He has phenomenal vision, game sense and football intelligence.

Williams is not a flashy player, yet can beat players if he has to when there are no passing options. He has also been tightly marked in most matches, being labelled as the danger man for Fury.

As well as being fleet of foot, Williams thinks ahead of the game. He is also young.

Rini Coolen considers Williams and Jason Culina to be the best players Adelaide encounter in the A League.

Anonymous said...


I am happy for Matty McKay being picked, but I'd rather he stay in Brisbane and lead Roar to the title.

Let's face it, it is highly unlikely he will start many games (although I could be wrong). He isn't really a coming off the bench impact type player, so IMO it would have been better if he stayed at home as he is such an important player for Brisbane.

As for players missing out, DeVere had a strong claim and I have no doubts is time will come. For now though, I'm happy his service will be available for Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Just realised I forgot to sign my name for the comments at 1.19 pm!


Anonymous said...

Solid squad.

Still devastated about Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

JAKE suggests:

Nathan Burns will be the surprise packet for us in this tournament if he's given game time.

Anyone who saw him play in the Sydney festival of football earlier this year would've seen he's improved out of sight since he left Adelaide.

Lets not forget when he wasn't picked for the Olyroos. It was one of the biggest rorts we've seen in football in this country.

He thoroughly deserves his selection. Not sure if we currently have any other player playing in the Europa league at the moment?

Anonymous said...

GOOFY says....

What happened with Nathan Coe?????

Does anyone realise this bloke has only played 31 games since 2003?????

I think Langerak should feel hard done by here.

Lets face it Coe is 3rd choice so why wouldn't we have a young 3rd choice who goes along for the xperience?

Same could be said for Devere in place of McKain!

Anonymous said...

Garcia, McKain and North seem to be copping an excessive amount of criticism on forums/blogs for their Asian Cup selection. They have all performed creditably at a higher level than club football, international level. They have adhered to a particular game plan and been an effective part of a unit to carry the game plan out.

For some players to excel they need a team to build a game plan around them.

Nick Carle, one of my favourite players, comes to mind. He isn't as adaptable in playing different positions. He does one or two fantastic things in most matches, but it is what he doesn't do in a defensive sense which counts against him.

The three aforementioned players are adaptable. They can stay on the pitch to carry out different roles. A coach doesn't have to substitute them if s/he wants to change tactics/formations.

North can play as a CB in a back four, a CB in a back three, a right back or a right wing back. He has surprised many, including me, but he has made few mistakes for the Socceroos. We have no quicker, more mobile and quick turning CB. He negates Neill's weaknesses in this area. Neill's organisational skills and positioning has assisted North.

McKain can play as a CB and a defensive midfield screener. Phoenix have missed him.

Garcia can play as a right and left winger, and as a striker. He is good in the air and wins a lot of physical one on one duels.

Garcia has had some shots cleared off the line. If he had scored them he would have assumed the same newfound popularity of Brett Holman with fans.


Anonymous said...

GONZA said...

Australia should go with a single holding mid v India.

I would love to see MacDonald play with a Kruse and/ or Burns with him.

India could also be a game to rest the "stars" (as a means of placating their managers even), and it's a game we may need to rack up goals in as getting out of the group could come down to goal difference if Bahrain causes a mild suprise.Without any of the "stars" except Wilkshire who is on winter break anyway we could have;






These are all players that will still be youngish at least come Brazil, of course even against India we would want to put in some of the more experienced players though, say Cahill for McKay and Emerton for Kruse.