Thursday, December 23, 2010

South Melbourne Hellas visit in January confirmed

South Melbourne Hellas will play South Hobart on Thursday, 13 January during the Victorian club’s visit to Hobart.

Hellas will meet Olympia Warriors the next day.

The visitors will have a rest day on the Saturday, while on Sunday, 16 January, they will take on South Hobart in a one-off match for the Hill Street/Thrifty Cup at 4pm.

In a media release issued today by South Hobart, the club states:

“South Hobart Football Club, in partnership with Thrifty and Hill Street Grocer, are pleased to announce that one of Australia’s oldest and most successful clubs, South Melbourne Hellas, are flying to Hobart in January to challenge the current league champions to a practice match on Thursday, 13th January, and then for the all important Hill St/Thrifty Cup on Sunday 16th, with the kick-off at 4pm.

“Last year, in Melbourne, South Hobart nearly caused the upset of the year and came within a cat’s whisker of defeating their more fancied opponents, so you can be sure the Hellas coach is determined to put his best team on the park.

“In fact, the South Melbourne coach has confirmed that they are bringing a full-strength squad of 20 players and Ange Dallas, Director of Football for South Melbourne, is also keen to get Rama Tavsancioglu, right-back and captain of South Melbourne, back from his loan spell with North Queensland Fury, and also Joe Keenan, the 27-year-old ex-Chelsea midfielder back from his loan spell with Adelaide United.”

This visit should be an occasion to look forward to.


In a practice match this evening at Prince of Wales Bay, Tilford Zebras’ Premier League side beat Taroona 2-1.

Last night, in a youth match at the same venue, Glenorchy Knights downed Nelson Eastern Suburbs 14-0.


Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see how Olympia go against South Melb.

Anonymous said...

zebras only beat a div 1 side 2-1? are they still title favourites

Anonymous said...

Was anyone at the Zebras vs Taroona game?? Who played? Any new faces???

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see how Olympia go against South Melb.

December 24, 2010 10:35 AM

an educated guess would suggest a sizeable socreline. Who cares? Should be a great night for the Olympia boys.

Stefan said...

Great! Hey Walter... Any chance of a live stream so I can watch it from over here on the other side of the planet?
hahaha XD

Paul said...

Thanks for the info Walter.