Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday's European results and a little bit of local news

Photos (Top to Bottom): Josh Fielding trained with South Hobart on the weekend; Sam McIntyre was also at the South Hobart practice match [PlessPix]

English Premier League

Sunderland 1-0 West Ham United

West Bromwich Albion 3-1 Newcastle United

German Bundesliga

Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 FC Koln

Nuremberg 0-2 Borussia Dortmund

Italian Serie A

Catania 1-3 Juventus

Cesena 0-2 Bologna

Fiorentina 1-0 Cagliari

Lecce 1-3 Genoa

Parma 2-1 Udinese

Sampdoria 3-0 Bari

Spanish Primera Liga

Almeria 1-1 Real Zaragoza

Espanyol 1-0 Sporting Gijon

Getafe 3-0 Mallorca

Malaga 4-1 Racing Santander

Real Sociedad 2-0 Athletic Bilbao

Villareal 1-0 Sevilla


In the latest local news, Josh Fielding and Sam McIntyre played in a South Hobart intra-club practice match on the weekend.

Fielding, of course, was captain of Glenorchy Knights and has won the Vic Tuting Silver Medal for the past two seasons.

McIntyre, a teenager, has been playing with Clarence United and was a regular in their Premier League senior side last season.


Anonymous said...

Haha good choice of photo for fish, Looks like south are filling the void.

Interesting to see how much of a impact he can still have given he is slowing down. Stick him behind brennan in a Sniedjer like role and south will take the title.

Any news on liam scott? brett andrews at tilford?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Fish helping out the reserves.

Anonymous said...

Fish would play holding midfield at south.

Anonymous said...

If fish went to sth hobart he would not start and if he did it would show how little morton believes in young players and systems as fish can not play in any system.

Anonymous said...

holding midfield means you have to hold! did you not know that?

Anonymous said...

Wheels will come off at Knights if Fish leaves, if they havent already. Whos going to take his place, Corey perhaps, at least for the half dozen games he,s not suspended I spose, maybe the coach could fill in for the rest..

melikesfootball said...

It seems that all the negative comments about Fish (which seem to be coming from Knights players/supporters) make it inevitable that he will leave. Why would he want to stay somewhere that's heaping S###t on him at every opportunity. It will be a good game to watch when he has to play against the Knights!!

Anonymous said...

A bit of spite from the Nasty Knights! Apparently holmes will be filling the centre midfield role there this season

Anonymous said...

Isnt fish a dual vic tuting medalist(last two years), whats this rubbish about him not getting a game, he wouldnt go to south if he didnt.

Holding midfielder? dont think so.

Knights already lost there wheels, no googsy no fielding no armadu and dawesy yet to prove his worth in a real league. tough season at knights.

Anonymous said...

Knights will drop off this season no fish, no armadu and by the sounds an average coaching set up

shemp said...

sorry Walter but that photo looks like Adam McIntyre not Sam

Anonymous said...

Fish hasn't trained with us at all so he never intended on staying I guess. Been a great player for Knights for a long time and if he's decided to move on for the twilight of his career then that's his perogative, he's earned it. All the bashing is sad and childish.. he's won a lot of team and individual awards over his career so far and if he's at South he stands to win a few more!

Good luck man.

Matty Russell

Anonymous said...

Who is Matty Russell? Does he play at Knights?

Anonymous said...

There are some disgraceful instances of anonymous posters attacking Josh Fielding here.

I met him at a coaching course. He is a top bloke. Josh doesn't deserve this.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...


What is the point of attacking a real person, who is a local player, so maliciously on a blog?

Why can't you make some constructive comments, or none at all, if discussing a real person who lives and plays football in Hobart?

Anonymous said...

So certain players can be attacked and free game, while others have their skirts on and are crying about it?
Get on with the game, if you can't realize that there are all dead shits posting then there is something wrong. Players need to learn that people only bag them cause they can play..

Anonymous said...

Matty Russell has nice eye liner.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree the comments attacking Fish are childish and pathetic. I have to question the age of some of the posters (no more than 18?). Fish was a prick to play against, mouthy and dirty but he's a top player and a decent chap to speak to off the field.

Hopefully he takes the negative comments with a grain of salt.

Sidenote: Fish you might want to be a bit more considerate when a netball player (my partner) breaks 3 bones in her lower leg at action and then she's made to jump through the net? Not sure if it was personally you but it was poor form.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find the majority of posts about fish are not from knights players. I was at knights training last night and they would be upset to lose fish and know he could be valuable to the team.

Anonymous said...

knights will not drop off with or without fish

melikesfootball said...

Matty Russell has played for the reserves at Knights for at least the last 3 years, maybe longer. He plays with lots of heart and grunt, good for the reserves, probably lacks the finer touches to be a serious prem league midfielder.

By the look of his comment on this thread, it seems like he has matured a lot in recent times.

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with Shemp. That is Adam not Sam McIntyre.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately some people believe that you are made a better person if you can make another look inferior by denigrating them in public. Saddest kind of individual in my eyes.

Josh is a great bloke and a real club stalwart and Knights owe him a lot. If the guy is leaving (and this is yet to be confirmed) then it means he is no longer enjoying his football at a club he loves, but as he is so highly respected in Tasmanian football and he would be welcomed with open arms, and considered a wonderful asset, at any other club.

Maybe Knights need to look carefully and decide what type of club they want. It seems apparent that whatever is happening out there it is not suited to a man who has devoted a good many years to them.

Anonymous said...

i think it will be a good move for fish to get away from knights, he will feel refreshed and will have a better season next year

fish n chips

Anonymous said...

This is local football.

Club changes have nothing to do with money(there isn't any), little to do with ethnicity or loyalty, and everything to do with where peoples friends play and geographical convenience.

Fish works on the easternshore - if he leaves knights he will go to olympia and it will have nothing to do with a 'falling out' with the knights.

Anonymous said...

that last comment is stupid, knights have been good to fish and fish has been good to knights and the club and fish will both have a good season next year.

Knights said...

Knights would be glad to have Fish at the club next year. I don't know why people presume it's Knights people posting these comments.

Anonymous said...

The NTC programme doesn't seem to be going to plan. Beaten by the Northern Territory yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Knights would be glad to have Fish at the club next year. I don't know why people presume it's Knights people posting these comments.

December 7, 2010 2:05 PM

Because knights people are openly telling non-knights people how they didn't like his play and team involvment last season, that could be why.

melikesfootball said...

Anon 12.29

By saying that Fish will have a better season with another club is quite ridiculous. He has won the Vic Tuting the last two years, I would hate to see how he can have a "better season" wherever he goes.

Anonymous said...

NTC success isnt just judged by the scoreline - see

archie said...

"The NTC programme doesn't seem to be going to plan. Beaten by the Northern Territory yesterday"

Agreed - not what you'd want to see

Anonymous said...

Tassie has gone rock bottom. I cannot believe we are that bad that we could lost to Northern Territory in U15s as well as the TIS team. Next Dean May will be telling us we threw the ball out from the keeper better than any other team and scored maximum points for passing football. Maybe May should have subbed himself on as keeper.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 6 11:59 am

I have also heard that Liam Scott and Brett Andrews are at zebras, could be a big year for them

Anonymous said...

My boys Borussia Dortmund are slaying them in the German League. Can't wait to see Mitch Langerak get a run.

Anonymous said...

Schalke have been very dissapointing this season and some may question the signing of Raul.