Friday, April 10, 2009

Delving into The Mercury archives of 45 years ago

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A peek at "The Mercury" soccer archives of 45 years ago shows that some things have not changed, while other things have improved.

The early start to the season was an issue, as it was this year, while the referees decided to strike because they were not happy at the way they were being assessed.

Violence on the field leading to police intervention occurred, so today's referees have little to fear as things have really calmed down.

White Eagles (now New Town Eagles) were in the top flight for the first time after winning the second division championship in 1963.

And Grove Road, or KGV, was a brand new ground.


Southern said...

Great stuff Walter.
It is really nice to see both my Dad (Denis) and grandad (Jim) mentioned in a couple of the extracts.
I know Jim had a long association with South Hobart and TSA and dad with quite a few clubs.

Interesting to see the same old issues still going on!


Captain said...
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Brian Young said...

What a terrific idea Walter. Theses are just great. As John Meehan says, the same old issues are still here to entertain & frustrate us.