Monday, April 6, 2009

TIS tour of Beijing

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport women’s team is currently on a tour of Beijing, China, and has played four matches.

In their first game, TIS drew 1-1 with Beijing Dongchen, the TIS goal coming from Lucy Foote, from Tayla Thomas’s cross.

The TIS lost the second game 2-1 to Beijing Chaoyang Sports School, with Jessie Williams netting for the visitors.

Beijing Daxing Technical School Team A beat the TIS 4-2 in the third match of the tour.

Jessie Williams and Tayla Thomas were the TIS scorers, following good work by Shelbi Vienna-Hallam and Lucy Foote.

In the fourth match, the TIS beat Beijing Daxing Technical School B Team 3-1 with goals by Shelbi Vienna-Hallam, Jessie Williams and Adelyn Ayton.

The TIS has one more game before returning home.

* * * * *

A row is brewing between Hobart Olympic and Glenorchy Knights about the scheduling of their Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League match for Friday, 17 April.

That is the Greek Orthodox Good Friday and Olympic's request to the Knights, the home team, to change the match to another date has so far fallen on deaf ears.

Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said he does not want to change the date of the match, and it would appear that most of the Knights committee agrees with him.

The Knights seem to be of the opinion that Olympic had plenty of time to voice their objection to the scheduling when the draft roster was first released.

Olympic president Steve Kaproulias said it was religiously and culturally insensitive for the Knights not to agree to a change of day for the match.

Football Federation Tasmania does not particularly want to become involved in the matter.

Watch this space for further developments.


football fan said...

Time for Olympic to grow up and do their homework. FFT produce a draft roster for comment prior to season start, so tough luck.

Whilst I am a religious person I do not believe anybody should impose their personal believes upon others, its a matter of personal choice. Olympic has many players so perhaps its time they looked into its depths for players who do not want to attend church.

Unknown said...

Isn't this the kind of thing that led to the club names changes all those years ago in an attempt to remove club/country allegiances? I am sure there are non-Greek players with Olympic.

real football fan said...

Well football fan if you don't belive that anybody should impose their personal believes upon others . then why arn't we playing any games on Good Friday or Easter Sunday , and why don't we play any sport on Christmas day ????

what good for one religion is good enough for the other . yes ???

jerrie kruijver said...

please ,no religion and politics in sport.if players can be unavaillable because of weddings and funerals,why not because of a personal belief?when you consider what easter means to a lot of people a bit of goodwill goes a long way.let the games go on.

Carbo said...

After watching a game on the weekend, i believe that it is time for FFT to scrap this red card for swearing!!!
I seen a player get hacked down from behind and because of the ref not blowing his whistle fast enough the player swore and got sent off. His side ended up getting the free kick.
I see bad tacles week in week out not even getting yellows, this is a fault in the rules and needs to be addressed now.

Old Man River said...

Are you referring to the Metro v Taroona game 'I hate man u'? I think the problem was the bloke swore directly at the ref... it was something like "hey ref $^#$&%". Mind you, everyone around the ground heard it. I f it's that obvious i guess it has to be given.

harden up maggots said...

well done to the tis girls lets hope they hav s afe trip home