Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Olympic fail to persuade Knights to change scheduled match

Photos (Top to Bottom): Hobart Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw; Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly; Glenorchy Knights president, Zac Baltic

Hobart Olympic have failed in their bid to have the Premier League match against Glenorchy Knights this Friday changed to Saturday.

Olympic president, Steve Kaproulias, wanted the game changed because it is Good Friday in the Greek Orthodox calendar and many of his club’s supporters would not be attending the game.

He approached Glenorchy Knights officials informally and requested the change, but the Knights committee met last Thursday and rejected a change.

“We asked them to play the game on Saturday,” said Kaproulias. “I felt the Croatian community would understand our reasons, but the request has been rejected.

“I won’t be at the game.”

Zac Baltic, the president of Glenorchy Knights, said a change to Saturday was rejected by his committee, even though it would have made financial sense.

“We spoke to our coach, Eamonn Kelly, and to our reserves coach, about a change, but, unfortunately, we would have had three players out if we played on Saturday.

“And, Nick Harrison, our reserves coach would also not have been there.

“Only for that reason, we couldn’t swap the game to Saturday.

“It would have disadvantaged us on the field, but we’re probably losing financially by not playing on Saturday because we could have had three games on, namely the under-19s, the reserves and the seniors.

“There would have been more people in attendance at a Saturday game with three games, one after the other.

“It is unfortunate, but the committee reluctantly made the decision that there would be no change to the game.”

Olympic’s coach, Farrell Shaw, said he had problems with the decision and felt that the Knights were being a bit stubborn about the matter, but he could understand their position.

“I can see their point of view, and even though the roster came out quite late, we should have acted sooner,” Shaw said. “It’s always been a problem.

“Our players are a bit disappointed that the game hasn’t been changed and it’s put a lot of stress on them and their families.”

Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, did not want a change to his side’s home game.

“As far as I’m concerned, Olympic must have known about this problem as it must be a problem year in and year out,” Kelly said.

“Why haven’t they addressed it before the start of the season?

“Why leave it until three weeks before the game when it’s all of a sudden an issue?

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think we should change it.

“If Football Federation Tasmania were to change it, I wouldn’t be very happy at all.”


ginger said...

i did wonder as to why the Knights wouldnt change when i first heard about this, but now i am aware they would have players and a coach unavailable if it was moved then i completely understand. why should they be disadvantaged.

As has been said, the rosters have been out for a while now and i'm guessing the olympic committee have known when good friday was going to be for a little while too!

As a little aside, i havent heard any whinging about clubs needing to play on ANZAC day. they are just getting on with the roster they are given! This is surely a more important date in the australian calendar?

The Gonky said...

Good words there Ginger.