Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Dipendra Kunwar...Olympic's masked raider went off injured after just 35 minutes; Peter Tsakiris heads clear as Hobart Olympic defend; Olympic's Danijel Djekanovic starts an attack; Olympic's Michael Bulis sprints away from Kingborough's Marc Iseli; The Kingborough attackers are outnumbered 7 to 4 by Olympic defenders; Olympic's Michael Bulis gets in a cross despite the attentions of Marc Iseli

Forestery Tasmania Southern Premier League

Hobart Olympic 1 (Larzabal 58) Kingborough Lions United 2 (D Pearce 84, Freeman 86)
New Town Eagles 3 (Kavanagh, McKeown, Gordon) University 0


Hobart Olympic 3 (E Tsakiris, D Kanakaris, S Mohamad) Kingborough Lions United 1 (Bremner)
New Town Eagles 2-0 University


Hobart Olympic 2 (Pepper, Shabaneh) Kingborough Lions United 1 (O'Connell)
New Town Eagles 0-5 University

Division Two

University Dynamos 0-2 Eagles White
Eagles Red 1-4 Glenorchy Knights
Kingston Cannons 1-2 Hobart Olympic
Kingborough Lions United 2-1 Beachside

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Burnie United 1-5 Devonport City
Ulverstone 1-0 Prospect Knights


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter is that div 2 result meant to be University Dynamo?.... You can delete this comment afterwards...

Walter said...

Thanks, Mike. You are right. I got a cryptic SMS with the result and chose the wrong Uni side. I appreciate you taking the time to correct me.

Oh, and congratulations on your selection for Australia's Futsal team and your efforts in Spain. It must have been a wonderful experience. Saw you on WIN TV and the story in The Mercury. Well done, Mate!

Marty Nidorfer said...

Walter, you should know by now, I only deal in cryptic comments.
Saw most of the Eagles Uni match at Clare street and a solid performance by Eagles, good job from the young keeper Minty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter. Much appreciated...

Chris McKenna said...

Walter, you must've been given the same incorect information that Southern Cross News were this evening. I can assure you Devonport defeated Burnie today at Montello 5-1. FFT's site has it at 5-2 which is also incorrect.

Walter said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for setting the record straight. I must say my eyebrows were raised when I read on the official FFT email I receive at the end of each match day that Burnie beat Devonport 5-1. When I saw it on WIN TV as well, I assumed it was correct. I haven't even looked at the FFT website yet!

I will forward you the FFT email which clearly says: Burnie United 5-1 Devonport.

I hope those games weren't on any English Pools coupons this weekend!