Friday, April 24, 2009

South Hobart in uncharted territory according to Morton


KGV Park, 8pm, Friday, 24 April 2009

Second-placed Tilford Zebras will have Frank Mainella in goal for this match against fifth-placed Glenorchy Knights.

Mainella replaces the injured Troy Kaden, who will probably make his way back through the reserves.

Midfielder Paul Cairns is also available after injury, but key defender Ryan Smith is out because of illness.

“Troy Kaden is still not right, so we’ll probably put him through the reserves,” said Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla.

“I think we’re starting to play as we are capable of playing and, if we play that way, I think we should be right.

“It’ll be an interesting game against them. I’ve watched them and they knock the ball around pretty well and they always try to play to feet, and that’s through Mr Kelly.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’ll be good to coach against Mr Kelly. I haven’t done that in the last three years. I’m looking forward to it.

“If we win, it puts pressure on South Hobart and Clarence the following day.”

Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said he would probably give a couple of youngsters a run.

“Adrian Lawler might get a run, and Tom Sherman will play the first half in the reserves to give him a bit of confidence, and it’ll be the same with Nektar Vavoulas,” said Kelly.

“But, yeah, they’ll be turning out for the seniors again.

“Corey Smith will be playing tomorrow. Let’s just say he was unavailable for selection last week.

“No one individual is bigger than the soccer club.

“That will be the same right throughout the year with the Knights. If nothing else, there will be discipline, and I’ve said that right from the word go.

“There’s a code of conduct that all the players have to follow, on and off the field.

“If they don’t follow it, well then they face the consequences.

“I’m quite confident we’ll beat the Zebras. Quite confident.

“The boys have trained well all week. We were bitterly disappointed with the Olympic result, but we can only blame ourselves. We can’t blame anybody else apart from myself.

“We were the ones that lost the game. Olympic didn’t win it. We lost it.

“But, we’ll bounce back from it. We’ll bounce back and, like I said, I’m very confident we’ll beat Zebras. I can’t really tell you by how many, but we will beat Zebras.”

Prediction: Tilford Zebras

Wentworth Park, 6.30pm, Saturday, 25 April 2009

This is a most unusual time for a game at this venue. I know Clarence have new lights, which are reported to be excellent, but with the weather expected to be bad, there is scant shelter for those brave enough to come and watch in inclement weather.

And, with there being no other Premier League game in the afternoon, and with no Division One games being played, it could be a bleak Saturday for supporters.

Clarence will be without their midfield powerhouse, Ben Parker. He is getting married on Saturday.

Midfielder-cum-striker Ben Hamlett is fit again after injury and should take the vacant berth.

South Hobart will have their midfield dynamo, Gary Upton, available after suspension, while central defender Hugh Ludford is also back from suspension.

“The eleven that played last week, but these two, that’s about it really,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton. “Them and Moncur and that’s our fourteen players.

“I won’t make any decisions until I see what happens with the weather.

“I was happy with our training. Everybody seems to be in good condition now and there seems to be a good spirit among the lads.

“We’re going there into uncharted territory. A night match at Clarence, with rain forecast.

“On a good day, Clarence are a difficult side to play against. I think they’ll be well and truly up to this and well motivated, so we’ll show a lot of respect for them, that’s for sure, and that’ll show in the team selection as well.”

South Hobart top the ladder with 13 points and a better goal-difference from second-placed Tilford Zebras, while Clarence United are third with 11 points.

Prediction: Clarence United


South Hobart, 2.30pm, Sunday, 26 April 2009

This is an important match for sixth-placed Hobart Olympic as they struggle to stay ahead of seventh-ranked New Town Eagles and bottom-side University.

They may have turned the corner last weekend with that 2-1 win over Glenorchy Knights, but they will be missing two key players for this match.

Chris Tsakiris and Paul Kaproulias will be away on holiday.

Dipendra Kunwar will start and partner Michael Bulis in attack.

This will show whether Kunwar is just an ‘impact’ player and best used as a substitute. He has generally been used as a substitute and as an' impact' player and that worked against the Knights.

Can he last the 90 minutes and influence the outcome?

He is certainly fast, has good technique and finishes well. Does he have the stamina, though?

Striker Matthew Hedge is out for the long term with yet another groin injury.

“After our rousing win which motivated the club last week, unfortunately, we have Paul Kaproulias and Christo Tsakiris away on holiday this weekend,” said Hobart Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw.

“They sort of mis-planned their holiday.

“Definitely this week, young Dipper will start with Michael Bulis and it also gives young Hugh Richardson the opportunity to regain his spot in the middle of the park as well.

“Playing against Kingborough is going to be a hard game. They’re a very free-scoring team at the moment, but, hopefully, they’re conceding nearly as many goals as they’re scoring, so there may be a chance for us to sneak a couple in at the other end.

“It could be a very end-to-end game yet again.

“Matthew Hedge, after suffering a groin injury on one side, he’s now torn the other side, so he’s going to be out for quite some time.

“Adam Hedge has got soreness in the hamstrings and we’ll have to see how he pulls up on Sunday. All indications are that he should be fully fit.”

Kingborough striker Greg Freeman trained only on Thursday and will start on the bench.

Defender Michael Wells is unavailable and will be replaced by Andrew Kerr.

“It could be another goal feast,” said Kingborough coach, Geoff Freeman. “I can’t really explain the reason we’re scoring so many goals.

“It’s obviously something we’ve worked on, but, I don’t know, it just seems to be, apart from one game.

“There’s just been goals at either end.”

Prediction: Hobart Olympic

Clare Street, 2.30pm, Sunday, 26 April 2009

Former Metro player and lately with Glenorchy Knights, Shane Kent, will be included in the New Town Eagles squad for this game after he signed during the week.

Kent has been playing in the Knights reserves and will welcome the chance of senior football again.

But, he is studying in Launceston and this means at least three of Eagles’ players now cannot attend their club’s training, which is not an ideal situation.

This is a bottom-of-the-table clash, but second-last Eagles are 6 points ahead of bottom-side University, which indicates the home side are the favourites in this match.

Eagles will have utility player Wade Savage back, but defender Matthew Rybak is injured.

Goalkeeper Michael Soszynski is suspended after being sent off last weekend, so teenager Craig Minty will be in goal.

Coach George Krambousanos said there was a buzz about the Eagles’ camp and the team is confident.

“I think Shane Kent will be all right in midfield,” said Krambousanos. “He’s not a forward.

“He’ll start off the bench.

“I think we’ll do all right. It’s a game we have to win. But, by the same token, they have to win, too.

“University are getting stronger and stronger and I think they’ll be one hundred per cent ready for us and they will believe that they can beat us.

“They’ll throw everything at us, everything.

“But, I’m happy. I think we’ll be okay. Training has been fantastic. The lads are really, really keen. They care, and they respect. There’s fun, but there’s serious work, too. It’s fantastic.

“Very rarely do you get that from young kids.

University have a reasonable side on paper, but they are not performing on the park.

The Students must surely click soon and this could be the game in which they do.

Prediction: University


The Phoenix said...

In all fairness Walter with the exception of South Hobart and KGV No grounds have protection from inclement weather unless you go inside .Like your tips this week walter and agree with them all.

Captain said...
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Walter said...

Hi Benchie

That's just my point. At Wentworth Park you can't go inside and watch the game at all. At least at Olinda Grove and Lightwood Park, you can go inside and get some view of the match, but not at Wentworth Park.

My other point is that it's bad enough at Wentworth Park in inclement weather during the day, but at night it's likely to be even colder and more miserable.

I commend Clarence for getting the lights. On a warm balmy evening it would be great to watch a match there, but in the middle of winter and at night with a chilly wind blowing in from the river?

The same goes for most venues in winter. What is this fascination for night games, especially in the middle of winter? Surely the best time for games - and particularly given the quality of our lights in Tasmania, which aren't exactly of the standard of the MCG - is during the day. It's great to see games at KGV during weekend afternoons now. It's been a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

This week's games will either see some teams break away or it will make it an even closer race for teh title.
My tips:
Clarence & South to draw 2 all
Knights to win 3-2
Olympic to win 2-0
Uni to win 2-1

Blue Kipper said...

There was a womens game on at Wentworth tonight and I thought the lights looked great. The far pitch is a little dark on one side but the middle pitch looks fantastic. A good effort I say. Not the warmest place to be but nothing a big coat can't fix.

The Phoenix said...

Ah tonight was balmy and the lights were great and the action was as well WWP that is . i don't disagree with you walter but it is far easier to watch from within the centre at WWP at night with the lights on than of a day just need to get in early to get a spot at the windows and hope someone does not stand in front of you. The attraction of playing night games is of course more financial than anything, with so many teams playing it offers the oppertunity for those with a busy scedule on a Saturday to get to the footy and watch your team .i think this will be a win win for all so the forcast might not be much but that wont be the case every time i am sure . look forward to seeeing you there walter and I will bring my umbrella , just in case.