Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' Corey Smith battles Kingborough's Michael Wells; Knights' Jade Clay (right) takes on Kingborough's Joel Schuth; Knights' James Hope (left) concedes a free-kick with this tackle on Kingborough's Marc Iseli; Kingborough's Charles White (right) gets a pass away ahead of James Hope

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Glenorchy Knights 5-3 Kingborough Lions United
New Town Eagles 2-1 Clarence United
University 1-5 Hobart Olympic


Glenorchy Knights 1-1 Kingborough Lions United
New Town Eagles 3-3 Clarence United
University 0-3 Hobart Olympic


Glenorchy Knights 4-4 Kingborough Lions United
New Town Eagles 0-2 Clarence United
University 7-0 Hobart Olympic

Division One

Beachside 2-0 Nelson Eastern Suburbs
Metro 6-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA
Taroona 11-1 Hobart United

Division One Reserves

Metro 9-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA
Taroona 8-0 Hobart United
Beachside 6-0 Nelson Eastern Suburbs


Metro 11-1 Northern Suburbs DOSA
Taroona 10-1 Hobart United
Beachside 0-13 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Division Two

Barnstoneworth United 4-4 Kingborough Lions United

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Somerset 1-2 Northern Rangers
Launceston United 1-4 Ulverstone
Burnie United 1-2 Launceston City
Riverside Olympic 1-3 Prospect Knights


Greg Ludford said...

Struth, what are they feeding the players at Taroona & Metro. Whatever it is I want some.
Their Cup game on Monday would be worth a trip south of the latte line. Suspect there might be a few partisans on the hill.
A good home win for the Eagle & an opportunity for South to open a gap on Monday. Will be a good game at KGV for sure.

slalom said...

interesting how uni's best team seems to playing in the u19 league. I wonder what the result would be if TIS played the senior university line-up.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Good win for Eagles, watched majority of match and we deserved the win. I think our lads can produce games like today and pick up points against all comers. Well done George and the boys, look forward to the next match. Div 1looks lop sided. Our 2 Div 2 sides, knights, lions, cannons, olympic, zebras and sourh hob would take ;poinnts off all teams involved.

Brian Roberts said...

Some of the scores registered in under 19 and reserves should ber a cause for concern to FFT .

Football devotee said...

Brian - I assume you mean DIVISION ONE Reserves and Under 19's ?

First year of a 3-tier structure - I think any assessment will be left to year end. We know you disaaprove of the the move to 8 team premier league and NO Premier league clubs in Division One.

The new structure may never work perfectly - but the old one wasnt doing a lot for standards so FFT and 2008 Premier League Clubs need to be congratulated on the decision, and encouraged to stand by the structure for a number of years to allow it the opportunity to work.

Hugo said...

Agree with Brian, but it is div 1 seniors too.
Bring back 10 team premier.

There are more juniors playing the game than ever before, now is not the time for reducing the number of places available for them to be able to play at the top level.

Blue Kipper said...

Agree with earlier comments that it's a concern but hopefully the leagues will start to work themselves out. In a few years Div 1 should become stronger and the gap with Premier League will be closed. I would like to think that some of the young players Hugo refers to will start to use Div 1 as the opportunity to start their adult soccer careers. Some reserve players from Premier League may also start to look around as the season goes on.

Unknown said...

No Brian, we know how you feel, but the system's got to stay the way it is in order to develop. No point in taking a step backwards, this system's the best way.

Brian said...

May I respond . However as Michelle of Hallo Hallo fame said .

Read this very carefully I shall write it only once .

My intention was to high light the scores not to pick holes in the system either current or future .

Whilst I prefer 10 team leagues for variety's sake and therefore look forward each year to the State K O Cup ( New Faces ) I accept that the present regimen may be for the best .

I have never supported Premier presence in Division and in my papers to the Board have said as much.