Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fight for first place in Southern Premier League should continue to be close

Photos (Top to Bottom): Chris Tsakiris is back for Hobart Olympic against Clarence; Olympic's Paul Kaproulias will return for the Clarence match; Troy Kaden is back in goal for Zebras; Frank Mainella has made way for Troy Kaden; George Krambousanos, coach of New Town Eagles; Ben Crosswell in fine form for Zebras; Bart Beecroft not yet ready to play for South Hobart; Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla


Clare Street, 2.30pm, Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fifth-placed New Town Eagles host sixth-ranked Glenorchy Knights at Clare Street on Saturday in what should be a close game.

Both sides have 9 points and the Knights just scraped home 4-3 in their first-round encounter.

Eagles, one of only two teams to have scored in every game - the other is Zebras - have improved since then and are confident of winning.

“This should be the match of the round and it’s important for both teams to win in order to keep up with the leading four sides and get further away from the bottom two,” said Eagles coach, Georger Krambousanos.

Eagles will miss defender Matthew Rybak once again, while Wade Savage is doubtful after being substituted because of a persistent knee injury last weekend.

Goalkeeper Michael Soszynski should be back for Eagles after serving a one-match ban resulting from his dismissal against South Hobart a couple of weeks ago.

Knights have lost their past two games and will be desperate for a win to lift them up the ladder.

Their defensive problems were clearly evident in last week’s 6-1 loss to Tilford Zebras.

Poor goalkeeping, poor communication between the goalkeeper and his defenders, and an inability or unwillingness to track opponents and to cut out through balls were all factors.

Coach Eamonn Kelly will have to work on these aspects of his side’s game and he may need to consider a change of personnel.

If the Knights can get these things right, they are in with a real chance against an Eagles outfit that emphasises defence and counter-attack.

Prediction: Glenorchy Knights

South Hobart, 2.30pm, Saturday, 2 May 2009

South Hobart should be untroubled in maintaining top spot on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder on Saturday because they should easily account for bottom-side University at Washington Street.

The reigning league champions should make it three wins in a row because University have lost all seven of their games and look the favourites for relegation.

The first-round match between these teams was won 3-0 by South Hobart, but at considerable cost as captain Bart Beecroft was injured and has not played since.

Coach Ken Morton said that Beecroft is still about two months away from action.

South Hobart may even pull three points clear at the top as second-placed Tilford Zebras have a difficult away fixture against third-ranked Kingborough Lions United at Lightwood Park on Sunday.

Morton is wary of University and knows they must turn the corner sooner or later. He hopes it is not against his side this weekend.

He watches part of University’s match last weekend against New Town Eagles and saw their potential.

University will find the going even tougher away from home and are unlikely to turn the corner this time out.

Prediction: South Hobart

Wentworth Park, 6.30pm, Saturday, 2 May 2009

Third-placed Clarence United have earned just one point from a possible nine from their past three outings and must beat second-last Hobart Olympic at home at Wentworth Park in a night match on Saturday to get their title chase back on track.

Clarence coach Andrew Brown does not expect to make any changes to the team that lost 3-0 at this venue to South Hobart last Saturday night.

Olympic suffered a meltdown in the closing stages of their match against Kingborough Lions United last weekend and lost 2-1, which means coach Farrell Shaw must impress upon his players the need to concentrate for 90 minutes.

Olympic will be without suspended midfielder Carl Larzabal, who scored the goal against the Lions last weekend but was later sent off.

They will be strengthened by the return of Chris Tsakiris and Paul Kaproulias.

The sides drew 0-0 in torrential rain at South Hobart in the first round. Let us hope that conditions won’t be the same this time.

Prediction: Clarence United

Lightwood Park, 2.30pm, Sunday, 3 May 2009

Tilford Zebras drew 4-4 with Kingborough Lions Umited in the first round and neither side can be confident of a victory this time.

Zebras will be going for their fifth successive win and this is the stuff of which league titles are made, so the incentive is certainly there for a determined performance.

Zebras go into this game after demolishing Glenorchy Knights 6-1 last weekend, but poor defending by the Knights contributed significantly to that score-line.

Nevertheless, the Zebras will have gained enormous confidence from that result and will be determined to earn the three points in style.

Central defender Ryan Smith, who missed the game against the Knights through illness, returns to the Zebras line-up, as does goalkeeper Troy Kaden, who is preferred to Frank Mainella.

“Everyone else is fit so it’s back to our normal squad,” said Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla. “It’s not going to be 4-4 again.

“I guarantee it won’t be. It won’t be a goal feast like that if we can help it.

“You’ve always got to be confident going into a game. If we play the way we have been, we’re always going to win.

“Dwayne Walsh finally got his confidence with four goals last week and he was banging them into the back of the net at training on Thursday and Troy was getting out of the way.

“Crosswell and Walsh are starting to play together now, which is good.”

The Lions defence should be a tougher proposition with Michael Wells due to return to the line-up.

With Charles White also back in the team, Kingborough should provide formidable opposition.

They will, however, be without the suspended midfielder Brett Andrews, who was sent off against Olympic last weekend and his forceful presence will be missed.

Prediction: Tilford Zebras


The Phoenix said...

Like your tips again Walter with the exception of the Eagles vs Knights I think Knights will lose this one comfortably.
Any idea walter what is happening with the Gov and his forum???

Walter said...

Hi benchie

I think Knights are due to bounce back with a win and that Eagles have been conducting a successful holding operation that is bound to end soon. People tell me University were all over them in the second half last weekend but couldn't score and then Alex Gordon popped in Eagles' third goal to make the game safe.

I feel inclined to abandon predicting results as I sometimes feel it's a useless and pointless exercise. One of the fascinations and attractions of football is its sheer unpredictability. That is what makes it such a great game.

I have no idea what has happened to the Governor's site. People tell me it's closed down. I go on to it and it's the same page as has been there for weeks and weeks. Perhaps that means it's closed but that the final page still comes up when you click on it.

heartbreak said...

Hey Walter i heard that Knights are playing three youngsters this week, in Adrian Lawler, Alex Tatnell and Brodie Green. No mention of this on the page.

ginger said...

George never ceases to make me laugh.
"should be the match of the round" .
whilst i agree 5th vs 6th will be an interesting contest, as it was in round 1, i would think 3rd vs 2nd down at lightwood would perhaps be considered "match of the round" if there is such a thing. a crucial game for both to keep up with south.

uni must turn the ship around soon but a south side close to full strength will be far too good i think.

the last game also promises much interest. can the staggering clarence outfit get a win on the board after only 1 draw from their last 3 matches, or will olympic finally put up the show they are capable of....

Walter said...

The Kid, what do you think I am, a mind reader? The Knights did not return my call so how on earth am I supposed to know about team changes, mate? That's why I ring them, but if I get no response or return call, what am I to do? That's why there was no mention of the three on the page!

the Den said...

Depending which Glenorchy side turn up, they could either canter it in, or drop more valuable points in their battle for finals.
Glenorchy 3-1

South far too strong for Uni.

A dull game under lights on saturday night, Clarence haven't shown much over the last few weeks after good early results, and Olympic still haven't given any indication they'll lift their season.
Could be a goal either way to decide it,
but 1-1

In Sundays 'Game of the Round'. Kingborough to hold on at home in a tough encounter.

J vernon said...

Walter, just wondering have you predicted eagles to win at all this round?

heartbreak said...

Keep a lid on it Walter, I asked a question thats all.
I understand your point but please be nice about it

Blue Kipper said...

Fair point JV, I dont think they were tipped to win a game last round. It's up to Walter to choose who he thinks will win and up to the teams to prove him right or wrong. I would hate him not to tip.

Walter said...

The Kid, I didn't see any question marks in your comment. They were statements. That made it seem as if I should have had that news on the page.

Probably a bit hot under the collar, but that comes from dealing with pseudonyms and not real names.

heartbreak said...

Sorry Walter.
Real names would give away my identity to everyone Walter, if i could let only certain people see it i would.

J vernon said...

very true.. doesnt phase me either way just found it interesting, permanent underdog :P haha.

R U Serious Ref said...

I watched Uni & Eagles th other day & Uni should of been 5 or 6 down @ half time. They did come out well in th 2nd half for the 1st 15 minutes but Eagles keeper was never in any danger. Nore was the scoreboard on the Uni side

Marty Nidorfer said...

Im a Eagleyou supporter and fully agree with J Vernons query. I think Walter predictions cause too much contreversy, no offence. If comment is what you are after then proceed, it makes for fine reading from myself and no doubt others. Maybe start a tipsters league???

The Phoenix said...

Thanks for the reply Walter, I tend to agree with you on the tipping point but it is still a little bit of fun. It would seem judging from some of the comments above that others didn't read your comments and have decieded to instead go on the attack, shame really.
As for the forum I am getting the same page as you so it would seem that the gov has disappeared whithout so much as "see ya later".
At least this new format gives us the oppertunity to continue to discuss football and all it's quirks.

ps i still think knights will throw it away against Eagles.

Anonymous said...

Stop bitching lads. Walter can pick who he wants. If you arent happy with his tips start your own bloody website.