Monday, April 20, 2009

Success at last for South Hobart under-13s

Photo: Jack Bastick, coach Steve Adkins and Henry Garrett with the trophy

South Hobart’s under-13 team, with a couple of guest players from Kingborough, have finally achieved something they have strived for over the past 14 years.

They won the Merimbula, NSW, youth tournament this Easter.

“We went over there with a bit of confidence,” said coach, Steve Adkins. “We played seven games and won seven games.

“The defence and the goalkeepers played really well and didn’t concede a goal in the whole tournament, while we scored 30 goals.

“There were some tough games in the seven we played.

“There were probably five good teams in the tournament and, in those games against them, we managed to win 1-0, 2-0, 2-0 and 2-0 and 5-0.

“In that last game. when the tournament was already won and the boys were a little more relaxed, we played probably the best soccer.”

It was a long-time dream come true for Adkins, who has also coached South Hobart’s senior Premier League side in the past.

“We’ve attended this tournament for 14 years,” Adkins said. “I’ve only missed two years, having attended 12 of the 14.

“We’ve been trying a while to win it, so it’s great to come back with the trophy.”

South beat Wagga Wagga under-12s 8-0, Far South Coast under-13s 2-0, Woden under-13s 2-0, Far South Coast under-12s 10-0, Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association 2-0, Eurobodalla 1-0 and Wagga Wagga under-13s 5-0.

Angus Souter was the leading goalscorer with 6 goals, followed by Jack Gates with 5 and harry Bird with 3.

Cameron Rogers, Nico Faust, Jack Bastick, Henry Garrett, Ben Robinson and Angus O’Meara all scored two goals, while Alex Christian and Zach Laddrick netted a goal apiece. There were two own-goals by opponents.

* * * * *

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport women’s team has returned from its tour of China, where it won one match, drew one and lost three.

“Our last game in China was against the Beijing Youth Team,” said TIS coach, Vicki Linton.

“They were an under-18 team that trains twice a day, six days a week, in a residential environment.

“They dominated the first half, putting away four goals.

“I made a tactical change in the second half and after a number of one-on-ones with the goalkeeper without a result, Tayla Thomas tucked away a corner from the near post to finish the game 1-4.

“It was a pleasing effort from the girls.

“The matches in Beijing were challenging and pushed the TIS Women’s Football Squad to play the best football that I have seen them play.”

Meanwhile, TIS player Jessie Williams guested for South Australia at the inaugural under-14 national junior championships in Canberra last week and scored the goal in South Australia’s 1-0 win over Western Australia.

Thirty players were to be selected at the end of the tournament to attend a training camp prior to a 22-player national team being names to participate in an Asian Football Confederation Festival of Football tournament in Vietnam in June.


River Somewhere said...

This was a fantastic result against very good competition. 7 games in three days shows they must have been the best.

Pity South Hobart will only see 1 of the 15 lads next year to absolute stupidity of the committee not allowing their assistant coach continue there next year. Good luck to Kingboriough for taking them on at short notice.

tassieguy said...

They should have sent these guys to the Nationals in Canberra as the State Team lost heavily all matches. Walter do you know who was their coach?

Be Fair said...

I have heard that the committee at South Hobart were put in an awkward position. The Assistant Coach of the South Hobart team which went to Merimbula is currently playing for Kingborough but wanted to continue coaching at South Hobart.
Sooner or later this was going to create problems. He was given the option of coming back to play at South Hobart and coaching at South or moving to Kingborough. South Hobart is loathe to see players leave the club but saw no other option. Good Luck to the players who won the Merimbula tournament and I am sure we all wish them the best regardless of where they play this year.

Trent Pearce said...

Be Fair: Please note I was not asked to come back and play at South Hobart. The "committee" just said I was not allowed to coach at South Hobart anymore despite an early apointment by the junior coordinator.

Captain said...
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Carbo said...

I went to the showgrounds on the weekend to watch a game, and noticed that it was hard to see the goals at one end when standing at the other end.
I have since had a look at the laws of the game on the fifa website and it states that goaks must be painted white, the goals at the showgrounds are steel colour.
I would suggest that any game that has been played thier so far could become a no results as these dont meet fifa stanards?

jerrie kruijver said...

todays contactlenses are great quality

Sent off 1 said...

Whilst acknowledging the work done by Spinner and Trent , one has to look at the opposition and not get carried away "South beat Wagga Wagga under-12s 8-0, Far South Coast under-13s 2-0, Woden under-13s 2-0, Far South Coast under-12s 10-0, Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association 2-0, Eurobodalla 1-0 and Wagga Wagga under-13s 5-0."
The state team played the best 16 players from each of the 7 other federations , for those who have never been or seen action at this level I can confirm it makes our youth level look very basic!

Tassieguy by all means praise the Hobart based second tier kids but not at the expense of the State Team kids .

Captain said...
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Sent off 1 said...

Good program over 2-3 years , now no DOC for around 18 months ( sorry forgot the fly in guy ( evans )who was here for a couple of months changed everything and left us in the dark ), no ststewide program - different coaches - emphasis on TIS players rest forgotten.
Don't hold you breath about 2009 and results preparation is everything think you will find that was the major problem with 13's .
Hope the kids who do get selected do well but we have wrecked a good program to fit in with coaches appointed but FFT MUST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING..

Captain said...
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Sent off 1 said...

Time will tell , and the 14's when do they play as a team ???

Note again the emphasis on TIS , plus how many of the so called 11 TIS under 15 players are playing each week . Are you also suggesting that the State Coach and TIS coach are of similar mind in selections and playing styles and the guys who are finally selected along with those in TIS ( State coach may well not select all of TIS players ) when will they play as a team ????
Enough crystal ball gazing , lets revisit in October and see what has happened.

River Somewhere said...

Be Fair - get real! South have in the past and currently have persons associated with their senior sides coaching at other clubs. They have simply lost the plot over the past 18 months and have forgotten that it takes more than a few to run a successful club. I note from another post there was no offer to play at South. Get your facts correct before you publish - you only make South look even worse!

Tassieguy - You are right, with the three from the original squad that were selected and opted to go with the state squad this team would have been awesome. I certainly do not suggest they would have won but they would have been competitive - 6 months of training together shows. 2 months of state training together is not adequate.

Boof – the quality of 5 of the other teams was very good, had they been able to score things could have been very different. Again I do not propose they were state level for NSW & ACT however they were still very competitive outfits.

Instead of knocking the competition why not encourage these players to continue on their fine efforts.

Captain said...
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Walter said...

I Hate Man utd, that's an interesting point you make about the colour of the goal posts.

You should have seen the goal posts at the Derwent River end of the Athletic Centre last season. They were leaning rather noticeably. They could not possibly have met the laws of the game.

Carbo said...

I am pretty sure quite a few years ago that when FFT or Soccer Tasmania as they were called used to get Brian Anderton to go around all grounds and make sure that all pitches and equipment were to a satisfactory standard this being FIFA laws.
I would say that the club that i am involved with has not seen anyone from FFT at our ground to do an inspection for atleast 6 years and if not more than this.
Any club that has played at the showgrounds and lost would have a more than fairground to have thier games replayed once the Equipment has been rectified.

Brian Roberts said...

Jim Anderton

Football devotee said...

Interesting that the laws require the goals to be white, but the laws are silent on the colour of the lines / field markings.

However any club appealling because the goals are the wrong colour would surely be unsuccessful, and certainly be outside the spirit of the game.

Jim Anderton's inspections were very useful - especially at the beginning of each season. However the referee (official or otherwise) should check the field for safety prior to starting each match - as there is no guarantee that there hasnt been a change since the last inspection.