Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday's Results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Christian United's Lino Taglieri controls the ball; Ulverstone FC beat Kingston Cannons; Christian's Adam Van Sant takes on University's Sam Green (No. 5); Tilford Zebras' Henry Fagg (left) clashes with South Hobart's Julius Ross

Forestry Tasmania Southern Tasmanian Premier League

Tilford Zebras 2-0 South Hobart


Tilford Zebras 2-1 South Hobart


Tilford Zebras 4-0 South Hobart

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy (Opening Round)

Christian United 3-7 University

Launceston United 3-4 Beachside

Clarence United 5-1 Launceston City

Riverside Olympic 5-1 Kingborough Lions United

New Town Eagles 4-0 Burnie United

Kingston Cannons 0-6 Ulverstone

Hobart United 1-0 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Taroona 1-3 Metro

Women's State-wide Cup

Kingborough Lions United 1-3 Hobart United
Nelson 0-3 Beachside
Metro 2-3 Taroona

Tasmanian Under-13 Results from Canberra

Tasmania 0-4 South Australia
Tasmania 0-6 Queensland


Bruce said...

Pretty sure Metro got up 3-1 Walter..could be wrong though.

Brian Roberts said...

I share Walter's earlier remarks re the roster for the weekend.

I would liked to watch a S/W K O Cup match or two.

New Faces , New Shirts

Walter said...

Thanks, Bruce. Much appreciated. I eventually found it on the FFT website. Metro never phone me the results, which I find very disappointing because they do get good, positive coverage from me. Come on, Metro. Lift your game!

The Phoenix said...

Well done to the stipey boys, this should heat things up at the top!!!
Any scorers walter????

Chaffey said...

you have my email address, please send me your number & I'll ensure you get a call.

Cheers Chaf.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Great results this weekend.
Zebras would be particularly happy beating South in all three grades, dont think South have had that happen to them for quite a few years. What will Morton do in reaction? Go after a couple more players to further boost his squad?
Top 5 all within 2 points,early days now but wouldnt it be great to see something similar at end of say round 15.
Clarence and Kingborough missed great opportunities to go top and once again Eamonn Kelly and Corey Smith making all the news.
Olympic too would be very happy to get a win on the board and some confidence.
Doesnt look good for University, their name looks all over the wooden spoon and relegation.Lot of people will be saying that's karma for them after the TIS under 19s fiasco.
As for Division 1, some cricket scores right through i think poor DOSA conceded nearly 30 goals combined. Good to see some old faces popping up in Div 1, last playing memory of Matthew Sly was playing on with a suspected broken leg many years ago!!
Any chance of Krambousanos weaving some more magic this week and knocking off South and what will the outcome of Eastergate be on Friday night?

ginger said...

a few interesting and unexpected results for sure.
- beachside beating NPL team
- river belting kingborough who have held south and zebras to draws so far this year.
- uni conceding 3 to some elder statesman like sly and taglieri
- metro winning with 9!!

getting my tips in for the next round early


only 3 southern teams to make the QF's, with eagles far from a strong contender.
northern teams to dominate perhaps???

as Brian says, new faces, new shirts, not to forget the bus trips!!
long live the SWC.

orlando said...

not to unexpected. apparently lonnie have lost to div 1 sides three years running so im told. remember it was kingston last year not sure of the year before.

not to much difference between kingboro an river just that river had a fairly good keeper and boros keeper was very ordinary.

yeh games look fairly straight forward. dev vs clarence wod be the closest i wod think

Brian Roberts said...

does anyone know the draw for the next round and venues

ginger said...


the FFT website has the draw.
go to the statewide cup section and click on 'draw'. your boys play glen knights at south hobart. so no new faces or shirts for you sorry Brian!!
the draw has been made for the first 2 rounds. with the subsequent rounds to be drawn after the conclusion of each round.