Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Referee Dirk Gadd tosses the coin for captains Chris Wass of Eagles (left) and David Cooper of South HObart (right); New Town Eagles and South Hobart observe a minute's silence for a late Eagles supporter; South's Jonathon Ladic and Eagles' Alex Leszczynski tangle; South's David Abbott (left) shoots against the post.

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

South Hobart 3-1 New Town Eagles
University 0-2 Tilford Zebras


South Hobart 5-1 New Town Eagles
University 0-4 Tilford Zebras


South Hobart 5-0 New Town Eagles
University 2-2 Tilford Zebras

Division One (Seniors)

Christian United 0-13 Metro
Northern Suburbs DOSA 5-2 Hobart United

Division One (Reserves)

Northern Suburbs DOSA 0-0 Hobart United
Christian United 2-4 Metro

Division One (Under-19s)

Northern Suburbs DOSA 2-4 Hobart United
Christian United 1-5 Metro

Division Two

Eagles White 4-1 Kingston Cannons
Eagles Red 2-4 Huon Valley

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Launceston City 1-2 Somerset
Launceston United 0-5 Burnie United
Ulverstone 2-5 Devonport City
Northern Rangers 4-2 Riverside Olympic


Anonymous said...

Southern Div 1 is a disgrace... 13-0 to metro

Charlie White said...

absolutely agree Mike, it is in no way making the jump from div 1 to premier league any easier, it is in fact going to make the top league weaker because a team that is last in the premier league is going to have 7 tough games a round, the premier league from a competition standpoint is really even and great to play in, the div 1 top teams have what 1 or 2 tough games, automatic promotion is simply going to mean that they are not ready and you end up with 7 teams who will never drop and one that will get flogged every year. I'm sorry but that is how it is. Metro and Taroona were on the right track last year and now they are loosing ground quickly, which is not their fault. We do not have the quality of players to have automatic promotion and relegation and I would argue that div 2 would be a closer league in terms of results (not necessarily quality).

Governess said...

Thanks for the results walter
i hope you dont mind if i post a link here for a new blogg that has just started on the North / North West it just some were to go and have your tips and read
the link is
Hi Walter Very good preview but i hope you dont mind me posting a link to new blogg on the North/ North West it is


The Phoenix said...

So now we know where the Gov went he had a sex change and moved to the Nth west coast lol.
It would appear that some of what charlie says is true . I would like to see what will happen in a couple of years though. The standard should improve as all the young players filter up to the higher ranks. I noticed that the Nelson u/19s got up last weekend 14-0 so it is not just the Metro's and taroonas that will eventually rise but others as well it will just take time .

Walter said...


Congratulations on your new blog site. I don't mind you posting a link on here to your site as long as you reciprocate and provide a link to this site on your blog. Can you do that for me, please? It's:



Governess said...

Done Walter

Im only new at all this so heres hopeing


Walter said...

Thanks so much, Governess. Much appreciated.

I wish you well with your blog site.

Brian Roberts said...

Strange , last week I commented on the scores and was reviled . This week similar but not the same.
Two comments so far at this time with little or no response .

As a matter of interest have Div 1 Under 19 teams been included in the Stn U/19 K O Cup ( or did they have to nominate ) .

Best wishes to the Governess

Has anyone seen the draw or where do I find it on the FFT site.

Southern said...

re: U19 cup
Taroona nominated for the U19 cup. I don't think any team (even premier) was included automatically.

I'm a little dissapointed that we have to go through the first qualifying round (just because we are now Div1) given we were runner up last year.

Them's the breaks I guess.
It should be a good comp again.