Monday, November 29, 2010

Koroma on his way to trial with Melbourne Knights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Amadu Koroma is going to trial with Melbourne Knights; Victoria Woods, president of South Hobart; Jimmy James is on the South Hobart committee; Jed Donohue is one of South Hobart's vice-presidents; Moreeta Pennicott is on the South Hobart committee [PlessPix]

Amadu Koroma, the Glenorchy Knights striker-cum-midfielder, is on his way to Melbourne in two weeks’ time to trial with Melbourne Knights.

Koroma will be with Melbourne Knights for about a month as they do their pre-season training.

He will return to Tasmania when Melbourne Knights come to Hobart to play a tournament over a weekend which will involve South Hobart and Glenorchy Knights.

“By then, I should know whether or not I have a contract with Melbourne Knights,” Koroma said today.


Victoria Woods has been re-elected as president of the South Hobart Football Club.

South Hobart had their AGM last Thursday.

Jed Donohue and Paul Geeves are the vice-presidents.

The treasurer is Tracey Gofton and the secretary Rachael Oddie.

Ian Paulin is the club’s public officer and the catering manager is Lee Quigley.

The committee members are Moreeta Pennicott, Georgina Nikitaris, Jimmy James and Noel Clark.


Anonymous said...

Hey Walter. Please let us know when these games involving the old NSL teams are on. I think I've seen in your blog a few games involing South Melbourne and Melbourne Knights. Would definitely be worth a look.

Mike Linacre

Anonymous said...

Walter, Melbourne Knights will be playing Glenorchy Knights and a select team from Hobart. They certainly will not be playing Sth Hobart. This is guarenteed from sources within Knights committee.

Anonymous said...

good to see so many tasmanians trialling interstate and overseas things must be on the up, would be interesting to see how many we actually have playing outside the state

Anonymous said...

why do sth hobart get kudos for teams coming here that have nothing to do with them?

Anonymous said...

Goodluck to amadu, hope he enjoys the experience but I expect him to start the season at south hobart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.04.Your comment does not make sense ?

Anonymous said...

amadu has had offers from a number of clubs around hobart this off-season. He will not be fronting up for the knights come round 1.

Anonymous said...

Offers? Who cares. I think you will find Amadu will stay at Knights if he stays in Tas. Thats where he loves, and where he has developed. Knights will have a good year with players like him, holmes and huigy at the helm. Promosing youngsters.

Brian Roberts said...

What sort of offers ?

I thought we lived in an amateur environment where all paid to play.

Anonymous said...

Brian ???? really ??? head out of the sand, if they are not paying on the side they are getting them all jobs being refs for cash or other goodies..
Good luck to Amadu I hope he makes it on the mainland..

Anonymous said...

anon 4.01 i am referring to where it states melbourne knights will play sth hobart, which is entirely untrue and completely fictional.

Anonymous said...

amadu would be a very ungrateful young man if he was to leave knights

1.They gave him his chance in seniors when he was a kid and nobody thought he was up to it, this mainly pushed by his futsal background
2.They organised his trials and exposure to melbourne knights
3.From all accounts they have bent over backwards to help him at the club

Anonymous said...

I'm sure over 2 months on trial Melb Knights will see how talented and dedicated Army is to becoming a good footballer.

I doubt we will see him in the Tas League come 2011 season.

Anonymous said...

goodluck mate hope you do tassie proud, will be fantastic to have another tasmanian playing at a higher level, few of the boys in the vpl now billy gasprinatos oakleigh, mat sanders green gully, goran jozelic st albans, chris sanita bentleigh, any others?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58 AM

I think there is very little loyalty left in soccer unfortunatly. If you look around at the moment, you hear of a lot of people from nearly all clubs jumping ship and looking for a new home.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:58, it sounds like you are getting ready to abuse the crap out of him when he leaves.

Anonymous said...

Some people should not throw stones when they have no idea.

This is why south is getting 'kudos' (although they havent sort after it themselves).

2009 South Hobart went to melb and played Oakley Cannons and South Melb. South 1 drew Oakley 1, and South Melb 7 def South Hob 1.

2010 South Hobart went to melb and played 1 game against south melb reserves (juniors) 1 game against South Melb Seniors. South Melb Senors 2 def South Hoabrt Seniors 1.

2011 South Melb are coming to Tassmania to play South Hobart, as they have travelled to melb the last two years in a row. They are down for 4 days (I think), and want to play South Hobart twice. To ensure that the trip is worth them coming down, they are also playing a Glenorchy Knights team. This may change, but this is where it is at now.

So YES, it does have to do with South Hobart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.13. All credit to South and Ken obviously. He is one person who has set high standards and strives for the impossible in some people's eys ,but at least he puts in the hard yards and strives to better his club and the sport in general.Obviously when these teams come to Tasmania , they will be in the news. It will then be a situation where all other clubs will bag South and Ken Morton because they make the news and other clubs dont.
You other clubs get off your backside ,put some time and effort into contacting some of the mainland clubs to see if they are interested in coming down and develop a relationship with these clubs .

Anonymous said...

anom 11.22 waste of time playing local knights as it will be a walkover.At least South could give them a decent game

Anonymous said...

I dont blame armadu leaving the knights, same as fish.
Knights have the talent to do well but get caught up with off field drama's including this blog.

At South Hobart Armadu would recieve proper techinque training through exprienced coach Ken Mortan and be able to show his potential playing with other elite players within tasmania.

Thanks should be given to knights for there work, but for armadu to go further its obvious that south hobart is a far better option.

Knights player.

Anonymous said...

Walter or any other southern tas soccer supporter with computer skills. any chance fo getting a fantasy SPL competetion. Could boost support for soccer and increase support base.

Walter said...

Anonymous 6.03pm, Tommy Fotak may be your man. I think he ran a fantasy league last season, so let's see if he contacts the blog and lets people know whether he'll do it again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks walter.

Appreciate all you do for football here in tasmania.

wish there was a way to promote soccer abit more down here and lift attendances. Any ideas?

I think you'll find there are people out there willing to help.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Armadu's chances to getting at contract in Victoria?

Unless I have missed something the lad has good pace and a sharp turn but the NSL defenders could monster him. It is far more physical thatn most expect.

I recall the centenary game Vs South Hobart. Daniel Brown and Hugh Ludford murdered the young man. It would be defenders of an even higher quality he would expect to face. I have my concerns but admire his ambition.

There seems to be an emphasis on speed over technique in the last 5 years amoungst clubs or coaches who select the teams.

A large majority of SPL players have a very limited skill level. Where are the class ball players like Stoddard and Pullen? We even seem to have less imported players than in years before.

I am saddened to see the decline of soccer in Tasmania. General morale is down, FFT are going through another rebuilding stage, crowds are at an all time low at local games and media coverage is now (not including your fine efforts, Walter) almost non existent.

How do it come to this?

I want players like Dave Clarkson to be making guest appearances for Metro again. I want Tassie to play the CCM every pre-season. You get the picture.


Anonymous said...

December 1, 2010 3:13 PM

I wonder if you are a tad confused. Are you talking about Melbourne Knights or South Melbourne?

Anonymous said...

Armadu will do well where ever he goes, have worked with him personally and can vouch for his give all attitude for any task he applies himself. He is a credit to his family and friends.
Good luck Armie, you deserve a career in this game and I,m sure this will occur sooner rather than later.

Tommy said...

Anon 11:58 AM

I think you'll find that Amadu got his senior debut and chance at Newtown Eagles, where he was developed as a junior before being wooed to the Knights via his futsal connections.

That being said good luck to him with his trials.

As for the fantasy league - it's not possible, there aren't enough stats available to produce the scores. Secondly the software that powers the likes of a fantasy league is very complex, not sure if there's an off the shelf version, if there was it would be very expensive.

However, if you wanted a tipping competition that could be arranged.

Anonymous said...

december 1, 7.35pm

No. I am not confused.

South hobart have been playing South Melbourne the last two years in a row.


A tipping competition would be good. Get on it.

Anonymous said...

serously who cares if south melb were to play dosa, it gives us exposure to a higher level of football and thats what we want, hopefully it happens more often than not, lets just hope they bring there full squad and not play trialists

Anonymous said...

is everyone on here stupid? we are talking about knights playing melbourne knights and not sth melbourne vs sth hobart?

Anonymous said...

knights player 5.51

you are either fish or someone not at knights plain and simple