Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Troy Scott's Riverside Olympic will be chasing Northern title in 2011

Troy Scott has been reappointed as coach of Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League outfit Riverside Olympic.

Riverside finished fourth last season, level on 30 points with third-placed Burnie United.

They were 6 points adrift of second-placed Devonport City and 9 behind champions Northern Rangers.

They scored 47 goals and conceded 28, which is a mid-table style performance.

Scott will be looking to improve in 2011, starting with the Steve Hudson Cup, when he will be able to experiment.

I caught up with Troy Scott this week and the interview I conducted follows:

Walter Pless: Tell me about your playing and coaching background, Troy.

Troy Scott: I have been playing most of my life with Riverside and, as a kid, I played in representative and and State teams. I started playing seniors when I was 15, playing in the Northern League and Summer State League, and over the years won a premiership or two. I also spent a couple of years playing in the Gold Coast Premier League. I have spent the last two years coaching the seniors at Riverside and played a couple of games when I had to.

WP: What do you hope to achieve with Riverside this next season?

TS: We will be aiming for the title. The last two years, I feel the senior team has under achieved, with most people passing it off as being a young group on the up, short of experience. Both the player group and myself are over hearing that we are not experienced enough to challenge for the title.

WP: How long have you been with the club?

TS: I started at the club about 24 or 25 years ago. I think it’s a great club that has experienced a lot of success in the past and promotes a family atmosphere.

WP: Will you have any new players?

TS: I am not sure at the moment. The rumours are plentiful, as always. We start training on Thursday, 18 November, so we may find out then. Our Under-18 team were runners up last year and we have some exciting talent coming through that team, as well as our existing list. The squad should be strong for the season.

WP: What is your coaching philosophy?

TS: Over the years, I have played under who I believe are some great coaches, including Chris Hey, Tony Walmsley and Peter Davidson. They all emphasised the need to retain possession and move the ball with speed, encouraging minimal touches on the ball and the need for a lot of movement off the ball. At Riverside, I like to think that when we play football well, we are entertaining and capable of achieving results.

WP: Who will win the Northern Premiere League title in 2011?

TS: Riverside Olympic 2011 Premiers, if I have my way. Rangers and Devonport would probably be the favourites. Burnie no doubt had the most talented team last year. If they can perform consistently, they will be very dangerous. All this is mere speculation, though, and we should wait to see who is playing where. The competition is fairly close. A couple of signings at a club could make a big difference.

WP: Which teams will be your most difficult opponents?

TS: Almost any team can win on their day up here. We always struggle against Prospect, Rangers, Devonport and Burnie, so we will have to be on our game every week if we are to challenge for the title.

WP: Do you think the Northern Premier League is a good competition?

TS: Yeah, it’s a good competition. The lack of depth in the North is a massive problem. The gap between reserves and seniors at some clubs is far too big.

WP: Can you think of ways in which it could be improved?

TS: Speaking as a senior coach, more help for senior players and coaches would have to help. The need to train the 10-15 year old kids is very important, but after that, if you do not make it through the TIS or get trials, the ability for very good players to improve is greatly reduced. In the next 10 years the competition should become stronger due to junior development, but 10 years is a long time to wait. Some help now at the senior level may help both competitions.

WP: Will you be entering the Steve Hudson Cup in 2011?

TS: Yeah, we will be playing in the Steve Hudson Cup. It is a good time to try different player combinations and formations as a coach. The interchange system is a great tool to help educate the players.


Captain Australia said...

Glad to hear Troy is coaching Riverside again. From an outsiders point of view, he seems like the best person down there at the moment to get the job done. I was a sceptic when he first got the job 2 years back, but have nothing but the up most respect for his work now.

Tommy said...

It's interesting that Troy Scott mentioned Hey and Walmsley (CCM Youth Coach).

That crop of players are all reaching the coaching stages it would seem, Nick Owen at Ulverstone, Troy at Riverside, I myself have done the courses, you had Janko caretaking at Knights a few years back.

In a year or two you could have Hey coaching against several of his charges from a generation ago.

Interestingly that state team were very competitive at the National Championships, we won our group, lost our semi and finished 3rd overall, yet a few years down the track and most had ceased playing, now none of us are and we're only 30 odd.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Troy... You'll do a good job again I'm sure!

In relation to the crop of players Tommy talked about, I almost talked my work colleague Shaun Conkie into coming out of the wilderness to play next season however the pending birth of his second child has put a stop to that. So close!!!

I am looking for a keeper too. If only the big Gorilla was still about!

Nick Owen

DJ said...

How old are you Tommy what does 30 odd mean???..lol