Friday, April 3, 2009

Metro should take clear lead at the top of the Division One ladder

Taroona host Metro at Kelvedon Park at 2.30pm on Saturday in a battle between two of the favourites to win the Division One title.

Both teams got off to the perfect start last weekend with convincing wins and this is a vital match, with a clear lead at the top of the ladder at stake.

Taroona will be without central defender Sam Johnson, who suffered a serious ankle injury last weekend in the 7-0 win over DOSA.

Striker Chris Cox returns, while Cian Carey will play at centre-back.

“Sam is still waiting to find out the full extent of the injury, so we are keeping our fingers crossed it isn’t as bad as first thought because he is a really important player for us,” said Taroona’s assistant coach, Ben Horgan.

Metro will be close to full strength, with Scottish import Grant Malcolm recovered from an Achilles tendon strain, but ace marksman Nathan Brown is out after missing training.

His future at the club is uncertain after a promising start to the season which saw him bag several goals, including in the Summer Cup competition, which Metro won.

“I guess it’s just through back luck with the draws that we have to face Taroona away twice in the league roster and also in the first round of the Milan Lakoseljac Cup,” said Metro coach, Darrin Chaffey.

“Their home ground may well be an advantage, but we might also have to start getting changed and have our pre-game chats in the referees’ room at Metro to adjust to other small conditions at Kelvedon Park.

“This should be a good contest, with a lot on the line for both teams.

“We have only played Taroona once this year, which was the first game of the Summer Cup.

“We should have got a result in that game, but the difference was Taroona put their chance away.

“Taroona also entered the northern Steve Hudson Cup and therefore should have an advantage of having played quite a few more 90-minute games by now.

“We were unable to score in that game, but our squad has changed considerably since then and we’re now getting some consistency when we attack.”

Beachside will have Bernhard Klasen and Ben Davis back for their home game against Hobart United at Sandown Park at 6.30pm on Saturday.

Hobart United are going through a rebuilding phase and will find the going tough against Beachside.

The remaining match of the round is at Sandown Park at 2.30pm on Sunday, when Northern Suburbs DOSA entertain Christian United.

Nelson Eastern Suburbs have the bye.


tortise jane said...

Interesting comments regarding the Taroona versus Metro game. Taroona fielded a very young side in the summer cup and managed to win with not to much difficulty at all, bearing in mind metro now have new recruits in the team I dont really believe it should change to much they cant be to reliant on that fact just because a few fresh faces have shown up, they may have missed them in the summer cup while Taroona missed a whole senior team. Believe me I am neutral on this topic as I have played both teams in the passing weeks but to think that Metro would already be set in stone as favorites is a pretty big statement. My prediction leads to a draw but you cannot completely write Taroona out of this game because they are just as ready and willing as any team in the current league.

Donald fisher said...

did they win the summer cup? Must have done if it was so easy

Old Man River said...

now now, no need for sarcasm... hopefully it's a good game between what should be the top two teams.