Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Results

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Clarence United 4-1 Glenorchy Knights
Kingborough Lions United 5-1 University
Hobart Olympic 0-3 South Hobart


Clarence United 4-1 Glenorchy Knights
Hobart Olympic 3-5 South Hobart
Kingborough Lions United 1-2 University


Kingborough Lions United 0-8 University

Southern Division One

Beachside 6-0 Hobart United
Taroona 4-4 Metro


Beachside 4-1 Hobart United

Under 19s

Beachside 2-0 Hobart United

Division Two

New Town Eagles 3-1 Hobart Olympic

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Devonport City 6-0 Riverside Olympic
Luanceston City 1-4 Ulverstone
Prospect Knights 1-1 Northern Rangers
Burnie United 4-2 Somerset


harden up maggots said...

clarence surley should b asking a question about a preimership they were all other the knights today fantastic result. as for knights corey smith should not b given a strip until he sorts out his attitude on and off the field it is a disgrace i feel for eamon a great coach but his players r letting him down!!!

orlando said...

a great coach?ru sure wat has he ever done

batistuta said...

andys god which game did you watch? clarence scored four goals from errors and a dubious penalty? as for smith well how can you say that when he won everything at the back and then when pushed forward scored? maybe that is an error in the formation not that the players are under performing?

Who cares said...

Surely Kelly has done enough over past years to be judged a good coach. I seem to remember some premierships recently.

Cory played well - just insn't popular.

Clarence thoroughly deserved their win and should have scored a few more.

The penalty was there. The forward was "tripped" in the box while the ball was still in play.

Clarence Young Gun (Y) said...

yeh good call boof.
penalty i dont think was there i do agree with batistua but he needs to learn to watch the game as we all saw how hard clarence work for there goals.

Clarence Young Gun (Y) said...

eamon looked quite smart today too :)

Who cares said...

very smart.

The Phoenix said...

Batistuta I watched the game and your assesment is way off.luke cripps out played corey pure and simple.Your comments are unfair to Clarence , knights were out played all day and only scored a goal after the game was over. The worry for clarence is the fact that they had knights at their mercy at half time and failed to finish the job ,but the signs are there with out a doubt.
Not sure what corey did wrong only lost his cool after collecting a yellow late in the game and while beaten never gave up.
The keeping is an issue for Knights , must be time to give tatnell a go ( he can't do any worse than todays effort ).
I can't belive olympic have gone down 3-0 against a ten man south.Could we see a change of coach at olympic ?????

Who cares said...

Hey Benchie - not sure the keeping was much better in the ressies + I think Tatnell may be injured.

Personally I don't understand why Cory is playing at fullback.

The Phoenix said...

Thanks boof missed the ressies game , so where to from here for the knights??? Benny is clearly struggling.

harden up maggots said...

batistuta i didnt say anything about the way corey played i stated that he has a clear attitude problem that needs to be sorted out

harden up maggots said...

tatnells not injured he will be fine he has had ankle problem before and he got a knock there yesturay and he was just playing it safe

heartbreak said...

I personally think Ben Peter's time has come also. Alex has been persistant in training and deserves his go. He has played superb in reserves but has been let down by some bad defending.
Give him a go.

Tiger said...

Fair go, ben kept his side in it last week.... keeping wasn't great in ressys either, did a carbon copy gifted goal same as ben to gift them a goal in res before he got injured. some people need to look at the big picture, not look at simply blaming keepers all the time.

reality said...


reality said...

my my ben peter recognised as tassies no 1 keeper at one stage .this boy has probably acheived more in the last 5 years in the side he is playing in than most of the other keepers in tas.the suggestion that tatnell takes over from him is crap i watched him play on different occassions and yesterday confirmed my view that he is soft and would be better to try his hand at gymnastics or chess /soft /look at me im injured /he limped for 2 laps of the ground ,telling people im fine. batistuta are u corey or eamon because u r not real have u ever played or sat watching idols that u feel u have to justify underdone performancer .people are starting to identify clarence with success /u19 res/sen/win great combo brownie previdi /go boof

know's whts good said...

Have to agree, give ben a break.... has one bad game, made maybe two mistakes and he'd admit them, and you want to give a guy a run that's doone my opinion he's got to serve his apprntiship like other keepers in his position. Ben is a match winner and proved it many times over the years. keepers can have off weeks and are only as good as the players in front of them.... bit of head hunting going on from kelly harsh word from the other week i feel...

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Good time for the people involved with the Knights especially the players to stop making petty comments on here and start focusing on the job at hand.
Peter, Kelly, Smith, the referee, plus every other player has made mistakes this season and will continue to do so, there is no way this will be remedied by commenting about it on here, speak to your coach and your fellow players and sort it out before its mid season and you realise you have wasted another year whilst the Clarence's and South Hobart's just get stronger.
There are teams/clubs in far worse positions, get your heads out of the clouds and start letting actions on the pitch speak rather than cheap immature shots on Walter's Blog and amongst each other all the time.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Benchie, who next at Olympic?
Previdi? Could probably name his price.
Pressure on Shaw, he was a reluctant choice anyway from what ive heard, pretty much every half decent coach was approached before he was re-appointed, doesnt seem to me that he has the full backing of his committee and maybe his players also.
Havent won in 7 games talks.

harden up maggots said...

previdi want go to olyimpic hes doing at great job at clarence with the coaching staff

Anonymous said...

Ben Peters is one of the best goalies in the state, he has had a bad year, but one shouldnt critisise him as a keeper. Well done to those who stuck up for him. In regards to the Clarence vs Knights game, i was lucky enough to witness the first half, is sherman not the most over rated player in the premierleague? Clarences back four was superb, but sherman is far from what hes being said to be. He got caught offside from what i counted 6 times! Previdi shouldnt leave Clarence, he is doing a great job with Browny.

Corey Smith said...

I have tried to stay away from commenting on here but i think it is time i said something.

I am very upset about the comments that continually go on and on about things which people know nothing about. Firstly Ben Peter is an exceptional goalkeeper and although had an off day saturday (which most of us did) he is by far the number one choice at Glenorchy Knights and one of the best keepers in the state.

It's funny that a week ago i was getting comments about how well i played against uni and how well benny played and then looking on here we are the two copping criticism only one game later.

As far as the weekend's game is concerned i thought i kept my head pretty well considering i was putting in 110% all day and i felt that everytime the ball went forward it came straight back. Obviously this becomes frustrating but i did not give up. At the end of the game i was quiet upset with myself for my own performance but that was about it. All credit to Clarence on the day as they were fantastic. Not everyday you get a hatrick scored on you and being an attack minded player i found that hard. Especially given i thought i kept my player fairly quiet until he had a penalty and a gimme but they all count and he took the limited chances he had very well (superb header to open the scoring).
Although i did keep battling, as a more senior player now i understand that i need to show a lot more leadership to the young guys and lead from the front. Unfortunately i didn't do this saturday but i can assure you this will happen going forward.

After so long out of the game with a very serious injury and with all of the personal issues i was faced with i have been happy with my performances and my ability to come back up until saturday but it would be great if i could concentrate on playing without being constantly targeted on here by mindless morons with nothing better to do than hide behind alias'.

For a start there has never been disputes between myself and eamonn and i respect his coaching fully and he is a major reason that i am playing this season. Being experienced i obviously have my opinions like any player but the things said on here about myself and him have been un-true and out of order.

Secondly, Playing football on weekends is something i enjoy doing and i do get very competitive and passionate but i am astounded that people have made criticism's on my personal life on here. I think it is unfair and the lowest form of respect that can be shown. This sort of thing makes me wonder why i bother playing. If people the people that write these comments saw the work i do around the club with juniors, younger senior players and with coaches they would certainly be of a different opinion.

Thirdly, Apologies to all of those people have supported knights for our performance saturday and i believe that myself, ben peter, tom sherman and the rest of the knights team that have been criticised will prove a few people wrong this year.

Captain said...
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