Friday, April 3, 2009

Status quo likely at the top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Tilford Zebras v New Town Eagles

Friday, KGV Park, 8pm

These two sides experienced contrasting fortunes in their previous outings. Zebras went down 3-1 to Clarence United, while Eagles won their first league match of the season, downing Hobart Olympic 1-0.

Zebras will be without utility player Josh Thorpe, who is interstate on holiday.

He will be replaced by the returning midfielder, Ricky Self.

Midfielder-cum-striker Daniel Lapolla looks as if he will miss the entire season because of a back injury.

Fabian Lapolla has established himself in the team in recent weeks, while Brayden Pace, Kurt Engels and Jayden Welch are pulling their weight when called into action.

“We always go for a win,” said Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla, who was interstate last weekend when the Zebras went down to Clarence.

“I don’t really know what happened last week because I wasn’t there.

“Eagles will be dangerous, even if they’d lost last week.

“Obviously, they’re going to have a bit more confidence going into this game with a win behind them.

“But, it just goes to show there’s still 18 games to go and anyone can beat anyone.”

Eagles will have striker Cormac Collins and midfielder Ben Whitehall back after both missed the win over Hobart Olympic, but whether coach George Krambousanos will have them in the starting line-up is open to question.

“We’ve trained well,” Krambousanos said. “I think we’re ready for it.

“It’s got to be an exciting game.

“Nick, their coach, is back, and he was away last week when they lost.

“They deserve a lot of respect. They did thrash us the last time, but it’s a different ball game now.

“The Summer Cup is the Summer Cup. You can see that from all the other sides, the way they perform and don’t perform.

“I can’t predict. We’re ready for the game.

“It’s very, very hard to predict with the Zebras. They could turn it around, but they might not turn it around.”

Likely squads:

Tilford Zebras: Kaden, Fagg, Smith, Telega, Connolly, Self, Brazendale, Pace, F Lapolla, Engels, Walsh, Crosswell, Welch, Hall.

New Town Eagles: Soszynski, Clark, Wass, Leszczynski, McKeown, Malakoff, Vernon, Rybak, Page, Kavanagh, W Savage, Gordon, Minty, Ferrall, Whitehall, Collins.

5. Tilford Zebras P 3 W 1 D 1 L 1 F 9 A 10 Pts 4
6. New Town Eagles P 3 W 1 D 0 L 2 F 7 A 10 Pts 3

Prediction: Tilford Zebras
Clarence United v Glenorchy Knights

Saturday, Cambridge, 2.30pm

Clarence United and Glenorchy Knights come into this showdown with wins behind them.

Clarence’s victory over Tilford Zebras was probably the more meritorious and it put them in second place on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

Glenorchy Knights’ win over University was hard work and they could have trailed in the first half if University had taken their chances.

The Knights did it comfortably in the end, but that was probably more to do with University’s failings than the brilliance of the Knights.

In fact, Knights’ keeper Ben Peter deserves a lot of the credit because he made at least four excellent saves.

Clarence goalkeeper Michael Moschogianis did not train this week as he had work commitments interstate, but he will start.

His understudy, Sam Sweetten resumed training during the week after recovering from a dislocation of the elbow.

Defenders Jacob Huigsloot and Matthew Lewis missed training on Tuesday with shin and ankle complaints, respectively, but were back on the track on Thursday and should be fit for the match.

Toby Woolley still has the flu and will miss his second game in a row. Ben Parker and Sam Cannamela also have the flu and are doubtful.

David Hoppitt is still sore after treading on a nail, which required him to have an anti-tetanus injection.

“Everyone else is fit and well,” said coach, Andrew Brown.

The Knights have as many as five squad members down with the flu.

“It’ll be interesting to see how we recover between now and Friday night’s training,” said coach, Eamonn Kelly, on Wednesday night. “It’s not looking too good.

“Josh Fielding, Jade Clay, James Hope, Nektar Vavoulas and Alex Tatnell are all down with flu.

“I know a little bit about the ground because that’s where the Southern Tasmanian and the State under-21s trained.

“It’s very narrow and compact. The fact that we’ve got to get changed in the football oval dressing rooms is neither here nor there.

“The narrow, compact ground will most probably suit them down to the ground.

“I watched Clarence play last week and you’ve got to give them credit where credit is due.

“They had a good result against Zebras. They kept to their game plan and produced what they produced, you know, a 3-1 result.

“They played pretty well. Hamlett you’ve got to be wary of, and Cannamela in midfield.

“Their back-four is very well organised and I think Brownie has done a very good job with them so far.

“But, there is a way around them, so we’ll see if we can find it on Saturday if we’ve got a good eleven out on the park to try and get around them.”

Likely squads:

Clarence United: Moschogianis, Ling, McMahon, Hunt, J Huigsloot, Hamlett, Lewis, Cripps, Parker, Toghill, Cannamela, Hoppitt, L Huigsloot, Knapek, Chapman.

Glenorchy Knights: Peter, Smith, Dzelalija, Fielding, Roberts, Clay, Koroma, Hope, Wiggins, Marsh, Grundy, Sherman, Kamba, Green, Tatnell.

2. Clarence United P 3 W 2 D 1 L 0 F 5 A 2 Pts 7
3. Glenorchy Knights P 3 W 2 D 0 L 1 F 7 A 7 Pts 6

Prediction: Clarence United
Kingborough Lions United v University

Saturday, Lightwood Park, 2.30pm

Kingborough Lions United will again be without midfielder Brett Andrews because of a strained medial ligament.

Striker Marcus Bremner returns after being unavailable last weekend.

“Uni is a dangerous game for us after making a positive start to the season,” said Kingborough coach, Geoff Freeman.

“We need to continue to improve each week.”

University have a good side on paper and, as soon as the team starts to work as a unit and converts their chances, they should be a threat to all the other teams.

Alexis Bull is fast and combative in attack and, if Nigel Blundell and Aaron Hindmarsh manage to fashion the chances for him, the Students could turn the corner.

Striker Julian Proud was absent last week and University's chances will be improved if he returns.

Likely squads:

Kingborough Lions United: Voss, Iseli, White, Schuth, McDonald, Marchioli, D Pearce, T Pearce, Palmer, Wells, Freeman, Bevan, Bremner, R Hinkley

University: McCallum, Piesse, Bones, Merry, Bull, O Venettacci, A Wilson, Wilkinson, Opira, Besley, Blundell, Teale, Andrews, Madden, Hindmarsh

4. Kingborough Lions P 3 W 1 D 2 L 0 F 10 A 7 Pts 5
8. University P 3 W 0 D 0 L 3 F 1 A 8 Pts 0

Prediction: Draw
Hobart Olympic v South Hobart

Saturday, KGV Park, 6pm

An injury-hit South Hobart face their toughest challenge yet when they visit KGV Park to take on second-last Hobart Olympic.

South sit on top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder and have yet to concede a goal, but Olympic will give the visitors a stern test.

South will be without key players Greg Downes, who suffered a broken leg last weekend, and captain Bart Beecroft, who is out for many weeks because of a facial injury suffered two weeks ago which has necessitated surgery.

Midfielders Gary Upton and Josh Heerey return to the South line-up but coach Ken Morton has yet to decide on a formation, but Shae Hickey may play as the lone striker.

Matthew Brown is also back from overseas and will be at the heart of the defence to partner Hugh Ludford.

“Josh Heerey will be fit to come back into the scheme of things,” said Morton.

“Upton will be back in the starting eleven. Other than that, it’ll be pretty similar to the last weekend.

“No goals against again. We might have to decide whether we want to play Hickey in midfield or push him through as a forward.

“We have to deal with the loss of Greg Downes and Bart Beecroft, who are big midfield players.

“But, I mean, Gary Upton is a big midfield player and has got stacks of experience.

“He’ll stand up and get everybody working and fighting and playing with a good spirit and that’s what we’re all about.

“But, it’s a big game. I mean, people will probably say it’s a big game for Olympia, but it’s a big game for us because we need to get the points and keep our undefeated record.

“I think it’ll be a good game. KGV is in good nick.”

Olympic slumped to second-last place on Sunday when they lost to New Town Eagles and they must solve their goal-scoring problems if they are to beat South Hobart.

Michael Bulis, Danijel Djekanovic and Kostas Kanakaris must learn to make the most of their chances, while the speedy Dipendra Kunwar should be given his chance from the start rather than as a late substitute.

Kanakaris and Tsimiklis were injured and required treatment against Eagles, but both should be fit for this match.

Likely squads:

Hobart Olympic: Nester, Tsimiklis, Bulis, Y Mohamad, P Tsakiris, C Tsakiris, K Kanakaris, Larzabal, Mason, Lebski, Djekanovic, Kunwar, Kaproulias, A Hedge, Plomaritis.

South Hobart: Kruijver, Cooper, Ludford, M Brown, Scott, Heerey, Upton, Hickey, Ladic, Abbott, Eaves, Ross, Pennicott, Di Falco, D Brown.

1. South Hobart P 3 W 2 D 1 L 0 F 7 A 0 Pts 7
7. Hobart Olympic P 3 W 0 D 1 L 2 F 3 A 5 Pts 1

Prediction: South Hobart


harden up maggots said...

my tips this week r zebras 3-1
clarence 2 nil
lions 1 nil
south 2-1

Old Man River said...

You wouldn't think that Olympic are a chance of going down with the squad they have. Are they just not clicking at the moment?

tortise jane said...

zebras to win
Clarence in a tight draw
lions draw
Olympic is my wild tip for the week

Go chris tskaris

The Phoenix said...

Thought Zebra's would win, good result for the stripy one's.
Clarence to good for an inconsistant Knights.
Lions SHOULD beat Uni
This one is hard Olympic have been so bad in front of goals while South have been anything but polished..mmmm....draw.

Who cares said...

Zebras - after the event
clarence - in a low scoring game
lions - easily
south - in their stride

The Phoenix said...

Clarence 4-1 against a slowly unraveling knights
lions 5-1 against next years div 1 uni team.

Who cares said...

well Knights were low scoring anyway. Kingbro' racking up the goals again!

Clarence ressies cleaned up 4-1 also with Andy Barron neeting 3.